Image Manupulation

Image manipulation Service


Image manipulation services are used for increasing the look ok the product. When you take your product image with a person who wears your product mainly then this service gives the opportunity to make the product individual image without running the product itself. This service will increase your image attraction.

Our Shadow Adding work in Action

Photoshop Image manipulation Services

Types of Photo manipulation service

There are many types of image manipulation service and the most popular type is neck-joint service. I am giving you an example where this type of manipulation service will be used. If you want to sale a jacket and make a poster for it but you have an image of that jacket with the mannequin We are here for removing that mannequin from that image and will give a special look for the jacket. This will increase your sale we hope.

Who are using Image manipulation service ?

In recent time there are many businesses or many companies are using image manipulation services for their progress. We have been providing this service for some years on this experience we can say that after completing the manipulation for an image this image will give a good effect on sale as it will be more appealing and it gives you profit by using our Photo manipulation service product image fault can be removed.

There are many online shops in the world and you will find that many of the shops have two types of images for a product like with a mannequin and another is without mannequin we are providing both of this. This service is best for making these types of images. The most popular option is the image neck-joint. You do not need to find models just send your images to us we will work for you.

If the product image is captured with a mannequin wearing then the customer could not able to focusing fully on what they are shopping so by removing mannequin it will give an effect to the customer and will make big difference.

Benefits of using image manipulation service

In many causes image cloths, images are more beautiful and attractive with a mannequin. But sometime mannequin is not suitable for product images as it is not beautiful we will make it beautiful for matching with the product images. Then take a chance to us we will make it beautiful we have image editing professional. We are also offering image retouching, background remove, and especially clipping path.

Pricing for Image manipulation service

We are giving this service at a reasonable price and the basic price start from $1.49 for each image but the price mainly depends on image complexity. Beside of this service we are also offering Drop shadow, photo masking, clipping path, background remove, raster to vector conversion and photo retouching service for better photo editing of your images. We are giving special discount  for bulk images.