Significance of Product Image Optimization for Business

Product Image Optimization

For product photography, there are few factors to keep in mind in order to win customers’ interest. When it comes to uploading the product photos on the online portals, it is significant to optimize the images so they look consistent and good all over the place. Since online selling has …

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Step by Step Guide on How to Use Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop

Remove Image Background

You might have heard about the magic wand tool which is definitely a stunning tool to remove backgrounds from the images. Since this tool is the most used, we would like discussing it to make the process easy. Magic wand tool offers you the easiest way to select and mask …

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Background Removal has Never Been So Easy in Photoshop

Background Removal in Photoshop

As there are many different types of methods to remove the backgrounds from the images to give them look new, Photoshop offers the most distinct ways. With a range of tools available in this magic software, you can change the entire outlook of how an image looks. Starting from the …

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Detailed Approach to Background Removal

Photo Background Remove

The background is the success factor of every image and a little mistake can ruin the overall appearance. Image background is the most important thing which should never be overlooked if you really want to stay one step ahead of your competitors. To attract people to avail your products or …

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Photoshop Drop shadow adding effects to eCommerce images

Drop Shadow adding

Often overlooked is the drop shadow effect in Photoshop. Drop shadow is a way of adding an effect to an image and creating a shadow for the object. This effect is gaining traction and is commonly used in ecommerce platforms, newspapers, websites and magazines. The main purpose of the drop …

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Photoshop Image masking techniques for the For removing complex hair or fabrics

Images Masking Service

To achieve high end polished images, a decent amount of Image masking service is required. Whether you’re designing artwork, posters or magazine shots, projects will often require the background to be replaced. Sometimes the clients want a single object isolated from an array of shapes in the picture. Other times …

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