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Our Clipping Path Services

We Are Good at Clipping Path Service and Very Good at What We Do with Other Photo Editing Services

clipping path

Clipping Path Service

A clipping path is the best way to erase the background from a photo. It is an effective method for getting good images.

Image Resizing service

Web Image optimization

Web site images will be ready by the help of web image optimization service. Images will be web format.


Drop shadow creation

Drop shadow is an option for getting a natural shadow to an image. It's essential for understanding this effect.

Image Retouching

Photo Retouching

Some times Image background is not looking perfect with the view of the original image this service works for that.

Hair masking

Image Masking Service

The Image masking service applies to complicated images which cannot complete with a clipping path.

Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is another form of the Neck joint. The invisible part will be visible with the help of this service

Sample of Works


Try our FREE Trial FREE Service for up to 2 images to check the quality of our work and the level of service we provide or get a quote instead.

What is Clipping Path

A clipping path is the removal of background or adding a white background from an image. In other words, it is a procedure of creating a close Vector path or shape used to cut out a 2D image by the pen tool in photoshop. It's also called deep etch. We use this technique to change the small portion of any photo editing, change the color, remove background, logo, shadow, shape, and almost everything in a single photo. Clipping paths are using it for the crop part of the artwork.

You will get a sharp cut out of the object from Clipping path king. 100+ Highly skilled designers are on our team. You will get plenty of time to grow your business if you use our image editing services.


Clipping Path

Starting at $0.25 Per Image

Drop Shadow

Starting As low $0.15/Image

Neck Joint

Neck Joint

Starting As low $0.50/Image

Image Retouching

Image Retouching

Depends on the Requirement

Pricing Guidelines

Price is a big matter to reduce the cost of Your project. Clipping path King will give you reasonable costing. We are making three types of clipping path costing. You will get a better assumption of the cost for your project in bellow description and pricing information.

Simple Clipping Path Service

Basic objects and simple shapes are in this category. Mostly fewer anchor points will require to outline these objects. Things like Balls, Shirts, triangle boxes, Bottles, Caps are in this category.

Fewer anchor point creation required a short time for our designer. We only charge $0.25 per image for this type of image clipping.


Model clipping path

Medium Clipping Path

Slight more complex objects and shapes are in the medium clipping path. We need to work with multiple clipping paths and many anchor points for this type of object. Some examples of these kinds of things are Figurines, flowers, and full portraits.

These types of images require a lot of skill and time to clip. We will charge only $1.29 for editing this kind of image.

Complex Clipping Path

The last segment of the clipping path technique is called the complex clipping path. There are more than 100 paths to create for complex path creation. It's essential to build that path successfully because it's not that easy to do. There is a path to remove the background of a picture, and creation occurs when an image has more than 100 clipping paths. It makes a significant change in the photos. Many sectors use it, including motor cars, bicycles, heavy ornaments, juice or soft drinks, single or group pictures, etc.

It is a challenging job for designers to focus on their images. It takes a long time to complete a complex clipping path with Photoshop. Our designers are professionals who can do this for you. You won't be disappointed because their techniques will get a premium service and a fantastic picture! For this, we are charging $3-$5 per image for these kinds of projects.

complex clipping path
ecomerce image ready

How Clipping path Service Provider Impact on the profit of E-commerce Business.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy quality things from home. Digital world purchases are happening through the internet, and sales are happening virtually as well. E-Commerce customers are not allowed to touch the product before purchasing it. Customers only see the photograph of the product when they decide to buy it. A high-quality pixel-perfect product image will make a good impression on the customer. Our clipping path company, Clipping path king, is here to give you the best quality photos.

Many successful online business marketers know that they can increase their profit by 3x by using their image attraction. Our clipping path company, Clipping path king is here to give you the best-polished images.

Clipping Path King is the First choice of Photography Experts.

Many of our happy clients are photographers. At the start of their profession, they manage all of their work on their own. They do photography and editing by themselves. As the customers grew, their editing needs increasing a lot than they thought. At that time, if they edit by themselves, then they don't get proper time to photograph.

Our designers are skilled to give them priority service on their requirement. Photographers are getting flexibility in their time by giving editing works to us.


work office

Benefits of Hiring Clipping Path Service provider

Every e-commerce owner wants to furnish their products typically by showing eye-catching images to their customers. For this case, The clipping path service provider is an ideal option for them. Nowadays, these services are top-rated as anyone can avail of this service from anywhere in the world.

  • Superior Capability - As images of the product will be ready by the service provider. You will get the enormous scope to optimize your other needs.
  • Cost-benefit - Anual cost will be decreased by using this kind of service provider. Suppose you hire in-house image editing experts that will impose unnecessary expenses. Our clients are reducing their annual costs and getting speedy and superior services.
  • Speciality - Experience makes a designer skilled. Most of our designers are trained and experienced. Clients can obtain all kinds of image editing services from a single place.
  • Quick Turnaround Times - We constantly work on our customer timeline. We finish some projects with as little as 6 hours deadline. As we have a big team, you will get speedy service all the time.

About Clipping Path King

Clipping path king is one of the best graphics design provided companies.

Clipping path and photo masking services are offering. High skilled graphic designer team is providing their services here. We are not saying to select us directly. See the sample work and Get Trial work and then choose us.

We have a very experienced graphics designer. Who has been working here for the last five years to provide very dedicated work?

Clipping path king is supplying the image editing service through internet-based outsource right in your office worldwide. Reasonable cost is offering to our customer. We have dedicated customer support in the UK, USA, CANADA, and Australia. We are committed to giving excellent service. We are waiting for your work, and Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We are providing clipping path service with the best options. CPK always work for our client's satisfaction. Best quality control service is here to maintain the best quality in the completed work.

Frequenty Asked questions

Clipping path in Photoshop is a technique that allows you to cut and blend selected objects from an image and place them into another photo. This works great for adding text or logos to images. It's possible to do it with shapes too.

Clipping paths in Photoshop are often used in graphic design because they offer a great deal of control over the appearance and position of text, graphics, photos, etc. You can use clipping paths to create more interesting pictures, silhouettes, and frame-worthy photographs with some clever adjustments. 

Before printing, you can also use clipping paths on Photoshop to remove a background from or modify your original artwork.


InDesign makes clipping paths simpler than any other photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator, or CS. Adobe InDesign is your one-stop-shop for the design and production of print, digital magazines, or eBooks.

You might have heard these tools called the photoshop pen tool, magic wand, or eraser. But in InDesign software, you don't need them because there is an easy option for making cuts that will allow any image with one tap of your mouse!

This means you can go from an image in any program like Photoshop or Illustrator straight over into a document where there will be no need at all for other complicated tools, such as photoshop pen tool, etc. because they're already built right inside this amazing design app.



Clipping Path is a nifty photoshopping tool that lets you cut out the background of an image. This is handy for creating templates. For any design project, it's always good to have templates of the basic images you'll need, like logos or images of popular items on your site. 

A clipping path image is an illustrative art created by "clipping" by removing any object such as the background from it. This leaves only the foreground behind to become a separate, individual graphic image.

So, you can prep one image with all these different things in it and then do what's called "clipping," which cuts off everything behind the object so that when you copy-paste it into various projects, you don't see anything but what's inside the closed space. It also works great for portraits; people's clothing and backgrounds will often appear too old or not be as fashionable as we'd like them to be.


Clipping path content is the background that gets cut out of an image before it's used in another application. Clipping path content is a layer that masks the part of the photo outside the clipping path.

Using clipping paths is common in vector graphics design with Illustrator and CorelDRAW, typically for applications like business cards, web banners, and digital photos. They create self-contained objects (logos) with clean lines and colors without any outside distractions like photography backgrounds. The shape of the clipping path is selected to contain all relevant content within its boundaries. Anything that falls outside these boundaries will be lost when exported or imported into other programs for printing purposes.



Numerous clipping path service providers offer their services online. Each of them claims to provide up to 99% accuracy while converting the Photoshop path to a raster image. 

There are some Clipping path service providers who provide free sample work of your image. If you want to test their work, then you should take this option.

Like any other service, Clipping Path Service Work Online should contain some basic stuff like uploading images, choosing desired output file type, selecting a number of copies, and placing an order. In addition to that, there are other factors to consider before ordering a clipping path service online.



In a clipping path, you define the area of an image that you want to preserve. Vector-based images like Illustrator and CorelDRAW often make use of it, but almost any graphic format (JPEG) can make use of it.

Despite being already compressed, JPEG files are not meant for editing. The compression makes the colors bleed into each other, and data loss may occur. Before using a clipping path, you must decompress the JPEG image. It is similar to opening up a JPEG in Photoshop and making changes to it, even though it is not suitable for editing.

Because of the compression, JPEGs do not support transparency. However, you can define it in Photoshop by checking the box 'transparency.' This will automatically make your JPEG transparent background. It will save you some time if you often need to use a clipping path on an image with a transparent background.


The Photoshop clipping path service is a process that Photoshop uses to locate and then cut out an image from its background. Clipping Path service by Photoshop software includes all the separation and extraction work for images and photos in order to make them stand apart from other objects affecting their visibility. Clipping Path lets you define different levels of transparency for the background around the object.

A clipping path service in Photoshop is one of the most powerful features of the software. With the Clipping Path Service, designers, photographers, and other professionals are able to create images according to their needs. This Photoshop pen tool can remove any undesired background from its final image with great accuracy, making it look perfect every time around.

This service enables you to create various effects easily without compromising on quality which makes it even better for online publishers. These Photoshop tools are not only easy to use but also help in providing many results quickly without requiring much effort or time. 



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