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Hand Drawn Clipping Path Service at $0.29 / photo

Clipping Path service for Remove or Cut out image Background


Bringing photos to life and standing out takes a clipping path service with a good eye for detail. At Clipping Path King, we make sure that our photos cut-out projects are clean, accurate, and satisfy the client’s vision.

Whether you deep etching or transparent background for photos, we’ll see to it that your consumers have a clear image of what you offer. We want your business to generate a solid audience that converts to actual buyers seamlessly. You can achieve this by having a neat and realistic set of photos that defines your brand.

We at Clipping Path King are expertly trained in Photoshop to give you clear-cut images using a pen tool to hand-draw each clipping path. We can remove the background efficiently and ensure that edges are smooth, well-blended, and just perfect. The result? Quality images that only professional clipping services can accomplish.

With our expertise, your photos will become king.

Our clipping path work in Action


What is Clipping Path?

The clipping path can be likened to cutting photos out of a magazine—removing the background so only the subject is left in the picture. Our professional editors Manually clipping your photos using a pen tool, which gives us full control on outlining.

After carefully outlining the image, everything within the path is retained while the elements outside are deleted.

Clipping path often goes by other terms such as deep etching, photo cut-out, image clipping or closed vector shape or path.

What are the benefits of the Clipping path?

Clipping path lets you remove and modify the photo background. Additionally, it also lets you set a transparent background to be used for webpages or to highlight the product photos for e-commerce sites.

Manipulating the picture is easier when you clip the subject from the whole image. This gives you the freedom to add a new flair and enhance your images.

How do we use Photoshop’s clipping path tool?

We at Clipping Path King meticulously draw the path or outline on the image so that only the subject remains. With great attention to detail, we create a path on the image’s edges to achieve perfect results.

Using Adobe Photoshop and our handy Pen tool, we carefully isolate your desired picture by drawing a line around the desired cut-out to isolate it from the rest of the image.

When the clipping path is made, Photoshop Paths can remove background permanently and convert the path into a reusable portion. If you are exporting the image to InDesign or QuarkXpress, the layout will show an isolated image but whole and with a background in Photoshop.

Who needs a deep etch or clipping path services?

If you are a professional photographer who has a large batch of product photos that need editing, a clipping path service is perfect for you. Agencies and freelancers can also outsource us for deep etching projects to meet deadlines and send deliverables promptly.

We can also aid e-commerce retailers in creating a clipping path because we know that knowing how to move a needle doesn’t just cut it when you need to clipping path.

Staying under budget and hitting targets isn’t impossible for you if you hire us at Clipping Path King. We are experts in image editing; your photo cut-outs are in good hands.

When use a clipping path?

  • Clipping a path can remove background to highlight the product image
  • Testing whether the path is correct when designing catalogs in QuarkXpress or InDesign
  • Changing the closed vector shape or modifying a specific portion of the photo
  • Altering the color scheme to selected regions using multi-clipping paths

When not to use a clipping path?

Once we evaluate your photos and find fuzzy or hairy edges, we will discourage you from applying a clipping path on your images. In such cases, an advanced image masking is more appropriate.

Photoshop Image Masking Services are Layer Mask, alpha-channel masking, clipping mask services for complex hair and fur image background removal.

Process of Removing Background through Clipping path

If you know how to manipulate photos using Photoshop, you can use the technique that involves switching the pixels outside the clipped path and putting the subject on its own layer. This can help you place a new background using InDesign or QuarkXpress.

If you want to learn more about how to remove background from images, you can watch our Photoshop tutorial on images with hair or fuzz.

How can you set a transparent background using image clipping?

For designing catalogs, you can use InDesign or Quark to convert the elements outside the outline to transparent, while retaining it in Photoshop.

For Photoshop manipulation, you can simply convert the clipped path to a selection. Then, delete the background permanently or place an image mask to it.

Process of making transparent background using clipping path

Achieving this will require you to have a perfect clipping path.  

  • By placing your image in Photoshop in catalog layout, you will be able to convert it to clipping path.  The background will appear intact in photoshop. But it will be transparent when it is put back in InDesign.
  • Another way is to make it transparent in any application ultimately.  You can do it thru a selection. It is either delete the background or create an image mask from the range.


Our graphic designers in Bangladesh are backed with expert training and many years of experience to provide deep etching and clipping path services. We have mastered the Photoshop Pen Tool that creates precise cut-outs. When placing anchor points, we zoom images up to 300% to ensure that all the output is well-isolated and takes its natural shape.

We avoid putting too many anchor points on the image because this can result in unrealistic cut-outs. We care about your vision, and we take the time to produce the results that you want.

We at Clipping Path King also refrain from automating the clipping path. We also don’t use the Magic Wand or other tools that offer quick path selection and creation. Fast editing might save you time, but it definitely would reduce the quality of your images.

We wouldn’t want to hurt your brand reputation with poor quality photos. With Clipping Path King, we take the time to clip your photos with perfection in mind.