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Drop Shadow Services


Lifelike images are essential in establishing a clientele and generating better sales for your brand. The dawn of new technology has elevated consumer expectations. They demand nothing but the best services and experience. Customers are now wiser and scrutinize every detail before coming up to a buying decision.

This is where our services come in—Clipping Path King’s drop shadow manipulation can add that extra oomph for your product photographs to make them more visually appealing to potential clients of your brand.

Any snapshot whether professional or DIY can look a million times better with expert shadow adjustment. A shadow works to illuminate the photo and enhances the aesthetic value of an image. While photography is a play on subject and shadow, it cannot always achieve the desired effect. Therefore, you need a drop shadow service to create photos that represent your brand.

We at Clipping Path King can manipulate any shadow—drop, reflection, natural, floating, and cast—to create stunning images. We work by hand to consistently deliver realistic outputs every time.

Our Shadow Adding work in Action

Drop Shadow Services at Clipping Path King

Our team of graphic designers at Clipping Path King are all professionally educated and talented to provide you with the best drop shadow services that you deserve. We constantly update our knowledge and skills with recent trends and techniques.

We’re focused on keeping up with standards to give you 100% satisfactory photos that are your money’s worth and more. We’ll give you honest creative insights to bridge the gap between what you want and what works best based on current styles.

By our creative hands, your photos will become king.

How do you create a shadow in Photoshop?

A shadow has two types, the cast shadow and form shadow. A cast shadow is a shadow around the object placed on the floor, or shadows on any piece around the main object. A form shadow, on the other hand, is the shadow that is found inside the object itself.

Both cast and form shadows depend on the distance, direction and number of lighting sources. The form shadow found on the object itself can determine how realistic the cast shadow will be.

There are basic rules to follow before creating shadows using Photoshop; you have to understand how a shadow works. For instance, a cast shadow becomes blurrier and lighter as it stretches further away from its object.

You can use this tutorial to create realistic shadows in Photoshop. The technique uses a combination of the style Drop Shadow Layer and as well as different transformation tools such as blurs, alpha channels, and layer masks.

Types of Shadow Effect

Drop Shadow

A drop shadow slightly elevates the object above its background, which gives it a floating Shadow. This creates a faint glow around an object. We usually use this technique for product images of e-commerce sites. Its mostly used for eCommerce website. it will increase the sale of your product automatically.

Natural Shadow

A natural shadow is editing of the image’s visual effect to represent the shadow an object casts on its background. We choose the direction and distance from which the imaginative light comes from to cast shadows consequently. This renders a realistic effect to the object and makes it look like it is resting on a surface.

Cast Shadow or Existing Shadow

This method will enable the editor to create a different background in an image and eliminating the original shadow in it.  This can be done by using the correct level of opacity and transparency in your editing.it will be easy to determine that the image was edited. Expertise is a must. We have a very skilled designer here who can create this thing very well.

Floating Shadow and Reflections

Floating reflections and floating shadows are shadow effects used for objects that aren’t anchored on a solid surface. This is used in creating shadows for an object that is floating in space, or when a shadow is cast over a hollow area as in a bowl of soup. This effect can be applied to e-commerce photos that are placed over a white background.

When to use the Shadow Effect?

  1. Adding texture and depth to a 2D image
  2. Distinguishing the background from the object (i.e. drop shadow application for a white dress placed on a white background)
  3. Creating consistent and balanced product photos for a neater catalog, online brochures and more
  4. Giving lifelike and natural beauty to images
  5. Retaining natural shadows while applying new backgrounds
  6. Adding more context and distinction to product photos

How to add Shadow effects to images?

Drop shadows are made by surrounding the photo’s object with a black or gray shape that matches its dimensions. To make it more natural and lifelike, the shadow’s edges should be softened and faintly glowing.

The secret to an accurate shadow positioning is to ensure that the object and shadow are proportionate. Any difference in shape may be spotted easily and cause the image to look poorly edited. This is bad for when you want to impress customers with your brand.

A photo with good lighting depiction is consistent in direction and angle. For images with multiple shadows, color corrections should be made to ensure that the light and shadow are realistic. The basic guideline is that the closer the light is to an object, the darker is its shadow. When the light is shining at a farther distance, shadows tend to look lighter and softer.

When you want to digitally alter a background, you should also take note of how shadows are an important factor in enhancing the visual quality of your images. At Clipping Path King, we meticulously edit your photos to include natural-looking shadows to make your product photos shine.

Any shadow effect applied haphazardly can do a great deal of damage to our pictures. You wouldn’t want displeased customers who think your images look edited, or worse, fake. You can harbor trust and loyalty from consumers when you give them a precise representation of the products you offer.

Drop Shadow Service for E-commerce Product

E-commerce sites are turning to professional graphic designing services because product photos are the life of this industry. When shadows are expertly created, you can expect better traffic for your site and higher conversion rates. In fact, 65% of an audience can retain information about the product for three days when content is paired with a visual image.

By giving a Drop Shadow to your photos, we give the impression that each item is elevated above the background. The effect is a stunning highlight to your product photos, making them shine in their own light.

The drop shadow method digitally manipulates light and dark to add depth to a photo. It offers a faint glow to the picture, increasing its aesthetic value.

Our expert graphic designers provide an artistic take on how a Drop Shadow should be applied. We can render a client’s requests using updated techniques to enhance the product’s appearance so it looks more impressionable to customers.

Drop shadow at Clipping Path King

Each shadow effect has a different quality of its own, but only an expert’s eye can create lifelike shadows. We at Clipping Path King personalize every project so as to target each client’s goals and requirements.

Our skills set in graphics design and photo manipulation is our weapon in highlighting your images above the competition. Your brand products will definitely shine when you use our drop shadow services.

If you are looking for an experienced photo editing company, Clipping Path King is here and ready to serve you. We have edited a whopping 8.5 million photos and counting, so you can expect that we’ve done it all.

Whether you need us to edit a large batch or photos or put the focus on a few important ones, we’ll treat every project equally and with careful attention to detail. No project is complex, because we are dedicated to meeting deadlines and sending deliverables promptly and efficiently.

Don’t know which shadow effect would work for your products? Talk to us or request a quote so we can evaluate the exact editing that you need. At Clipping Path King, we’ll solve your photo editing woes!

Get The Job Done, Professionally.

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