Photography of shoes is artistic. However, high-quality shoe photography plays a significant role in footwear sales.

I still remember my beginning days of shoe photography. It is not a random photograph; I had to follow some tips and ideas because it is essential to the e-commerce industry.

Therefore, you need to present your shoe flawlessly when you publish your shoe photographs on Amazon, e-commerce, and other social media sites. Are you interested to know how to take the best shoe photographs with some shoe photography ideas? Do not worry; I will give you the best ideas in this article.

Crucial Tips for Getting The Best Shoe Images

If you want to get the best and perfect shoe images, you can pay heed to the following tips:

 1: Research and Planning Before Shooting

Planning and research are the most crucial steps before shooting a product. It is vital that you know what you are going to do during the entire shoe photography process. Planning and research do not require much time; they require careful execution.

Planning Before Shooting


Make plans and gather information on the camera’s background, settings, lighting, etc. You can sit down with a laptop and prepare answers to some simple questions, such as how many pairs of shoes you will photograph, what colors they will be, and how many angles you will require to represent the goods accurately.

2: Make Wise Location Decisions

It is crucial to select the ideal setting for shoe photography if you want to produce the desired results. The most important location is outside if you want to achieve the best results. It is so that shoes can be shown off more accurately in natural lighting found outside.

ideal setting for shoe photography


The proper illumination is necessary for shoes, but doing it indoors is challenging. When photographing indoors, you must pay particular attention to how the light is distributed. Additionally, avoid placing shoes on shiny surfaces when photographing shoes indoors because the reflection and shadow it casts may interfere with the image of the goods.

3: Utilize A White Background

The background color you choose is crucial if you want incredible shoe images. If you want to photograph a pair of shoes, choose a white background because a colored background will distort the color of the shoes.

Utilize A White Background


In addition, a white background keeps the shoes’ color consistent and makes it easier to focus on the shot independent of the model, the props, and other elements. A filled background should not be used to draw customers to the shoes.

4: Avoid Laying The Shoes Flat

The simple mistake you can make in shoe photography is laying the shoes flat, which will result in an unattractive and lifeless presentation of them. The features of the shoes are hidden when they are laid flat, which lessens potential buyers’ interest in them.

Avoid Laying The Shoes Flat

Due to the poor placement, the shoe color looks unattractive. Moreover, this makes it harder for the customers to decide whether to get the shoes they need. As a result of your inappropriate behavior, you suffer a loss.

5: Present It As If Someone Is Wearing It

Before deciding to buy anything, including shoes, customers constantly envision how they will appear in it. You must present your shoe so that it appears worn by a human in order to arouse the interest of internet shoppers.


Even an illusion of the shoes someone would be wearing is possible. With the aid of a professional photo retouching service provider, you can improve this.

Moreover, you can create this effect by holding up dental floss. In addition, you can pack the pair of shoes with a scrap of cloth or tissue paper. These methods allow you to showcase your shoes online effectively.

6: Think About Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is one of the significant shoe photography ideas or tips in case you want to take the best possible shoe photos. When lighting is done correctly, a product can be illuminated and engaging. Whereas, when you place the light incorrectly, you can harm the product and make it unattractive.

When photographing shoes, you should use natural light rather than dim lighting since the shadows of dim lighting may make it difficult to display the footwear accurately. Ensure the sun does not shine directly on your set because it will negatively impact your photo. Use a lightbox for photography, but you can also get a similar effect by placing three lamps—one on top, one on the left, and one on the right—in that order.

7: Take Pictures from Various Angles

It will help if you consider the customers’ thinking, whether your goal is to present things in a catalog or make online purchases. Customers prefer to view a thing from many perspectives before making a purchase.

Additionally, by only viewing shoes from one angle, they are unable to decide whether or not to purchase them. A common mistake made by product photographers is to only capture shoes from one viewpoint, which prevents the shoes from being displayed in their entirety.

Pictures from Various Angles


Moreover, it will be best if you, therefore, shot pictures from every angle imaginable in order to get the client’s attention. Then, in order to increase the likelihood of sales, you must display the photographs of the footwear for sale in a way that enables potential customers to see every component of the footwear.

Photographing Shoes: DOs And DON’Ts

If you want your final photographs to look like the ones you see on billboards and magazines, you must adhere to a few DOs and DON’Ts, just like any other type of photography.


The things you should do while shooting shoe photographs are:

1. Maintain A Sharp Focus

You should not utilize soft focus or shallow depths of the field when shooting commercial photography like shoe photography. And this is because consumers prefer clear product graphics to artistic ones.

2. Effective Image Cropping

Cropping can assist you in improving the composition and more effectively highlighting your subject.

3. Numerous Image-Clicking

During the session, take a lot of photos so that you will have a large selection from which to choose the best ones later.

4. Think Creatively

Be creative and capture eye-catching photos of shoes. Consider various colors and accessories for the photo shoot.


The things you should not do while shooting shoe photographs are:

1. Mess Up The Photo

The frame must be kept clear of all unnecessary materials. A crowded frame only serves to divert the audience.

Moreover, keeping the framing as tidy as you can is also necessary because you want the focus to be on the shoes. But if the props match the scene, you can utilize them occasionally.

2. Use Disturbing Lighting

I already spoke about how harsh lighting might ruin the appearance of your images. To avoid either harsh or soft lighting, make sure your setting is appropriate.

3. Catch Shadows

When the lighting is intense or just coming from one side, shadows can also be seen. Therefore, in order to prevent shadows from forming, reflectors that you may position in opposition to the light are necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Capture Heels In A Photo?

To get a profile picture, merely take a side image of one shoe. Include the other shoe in the picture as well.

Turn the shoes a little to one side. Take the shot after concentrating on the first shoe.

2. Which Background Is Ideal for Photographing Shoes?

The focus is diverted from your product by a bold or striking background. Choose a white background. However, you may also utilize different plain backgrounds.

3. What Kind of Lens Is Best for Taking Pictures of Shoes?

There are three types of camera lenses: prime lens, wide-angle lens, and macro lens. Among these, prime lenses are widely recommended for sharp photographs in all product photography, including shoe photography.

3. Do Shoe Images Need to Be Edited After Being Taken?

Yes, your photographs can look more polished, and your defects can be fixed. Even your shoe photos can look better overall if you do not require any.

4. How Can I Outsource Shoe Photo Editing Services?

Professional services for altering product photos are widely available. These businesses typically have a group of qualified professionals on staff who are prepared to meet client expectations. Find the person who can assist you in receiving the most excellent services.

5. What Aspect of Photography Is Most Crucial?

All photographs require light as their most essential component since it illuminates the scene or subject. The type and direction of light, whether it comes from natural or artificial sources, is what matters.

Final Words

A stylish shoe photographer will capture a pair of shoes with all the intricacies in the frame without leaving out essential components. I tried to provide the tips you need to master shoe photography.

However, both inexperienced and professional shoe photographers will benefit from the shoe photography ideas provided in the article. Your footwear photographs will shine by putting these ideas and tips into practice.

Moreover, you will be able to shop with the best possible experience. So, I hope the article will be beneficial to you.

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