We all at some point in life want to edit photos either for work or fun. Product photo editing can be a very controversial topic. It happens even more when people start thinking if a clipping path or conceptual photography technique is better. In this article, we bring you the differences and what both techniques consist of. Do not worry to start rocking your photos. Stay to learn a little more about these photography techniques. You will apply them and get new clients or followers on your social networks.


Photographs play a too important role in companies Images allows the success of any brand. Regardless of what type of company it is, technology, fashion, or others, without marketing, companies end up in nothing. A company starts to grow because of the reach that a great photo of the product they want to promote can generate. This gives people a perspective that makes them want to get what they are seeing.


Photos must be premium and of high quality to present a product with high standards. All this will require processing prior to uploading the photograph. It is there where techniques should be applied. It will allow you to give the user quality photos.

In the XXI century, people and users want more impacting things with better quality. That is why; companies should focus on creating new content for consumers. Many companies today reinvent themselves on platforms and offer electronic commerce. At that moment is where your products should present you in a unique and innovative way.

For a photo of a product to be impressive, it needs different types of buildings. Most of the time, you will need background removal, color correction, and others. This part is where the clipping path technique is applied. However, not only this technique exists. Nowadays, different techniques have been born; one of them is conceptual product photography. This technique is innovative and you can apply it in programs like Photoshop.


This technique is excellent for publicizing a product in an innovative way. The conceptual technique is one of the most innovative ways of speaking through an image. The main purpose is to create an idea where the concept of the photo is shown. Next, you should focus on editing each finding to reflect the purpose.

The technique of conceptualization is not at all new. However, until recently it has taken prominence in marketing. The general idea is to create a story with a photograph. The artist or creator of the photograph must transmit and write a story with just one image. The purpose is that anyone who sees the image can capture what the brand wants to imply.

conceptual product photography



People want to see the product in a relevant situation or environment. There is when the conceptual technique comes in. This technique is usually a bit tedious and expensive. Since you might have to travel to faraway places to get a picture of what you want to convey.

However, if you do not have the resources, you could also do it in Photoshop. Clearly, you will need a professional in the construction of these photos.

To create a conceptualization photograph you must take into account the following: first, define the concept. Whatever product you want to sell, you have to think about how to set the scene. If you don’t have the idea ready, you shouldn’t start. You must know what message you want your users to see, and what you want to convey to them.

In addition, you should find a place that inspires you and inspires your mind. A tip is that you write down everything that appears in your mind. Afterward, you can easily run production and execution.


The clipping technique is the most common in marketing. This technique does not start with anything complicated or otherworldly. Practically, you should start with a cut of the product. You must use an application where you can cut it with an easy tool. However, you could also use Photoshop. Only, you must know how to use the pencil tool. Next, you should start creating a simple path through the edges of the image.

clipping path

The fantastic thing about this technique is that you can change the background that the initial photograph had. Thus, it will allow you to add a little shadow, or lighting, or even edit certain defects.

The type of cut will have to be depending on your skill. You could do simple clipping, full clipping, multiple paths, or complex paths. In addition, this will depend on the type of product you want to cut. Therefore, you could not only cut around the image. But, you will also be able to create more complete cutouts.

A clear example is dividing an image into several parts. This is where you can use each part separately and create something more innovative. Instead, a simple clipping path technique will do the trick when cropping an image without many curves. Although the conceptualization technique gains strength, no one will ever stop using this type of technique. Generally, it is the basis for creating an impact photo.


If you are an entrepreneur or have a company with many employees, you will also need this type of technique. Your products mean your money. Therefore, you must make an impact with these types of photos. Remember that marketing was done to be able to create impact and for your brand/products to be recognized.


Practically, both techniques are useful and you can even combine them. A clipping technique will never go out of style, and you will use it even when you least believe it. Instead, a conceptualization technique allows you to search for an environment that is akin to your product. With this, you will be able to generate an impact, innovate, and speak with a photo about your brand.