Easy Photography Mistakes

Photography is an art that most people take seriously as it pays the bills while some take it as a passion. Whichever your case you must understand some of the mistakes photographers make as well as some of the problems that come with photography.

1. Unclear Photo shots


Unclear Photo shots


This happens when there isn’t enough light reaching the sensor leaving the camera to struggle to take sharp shots. To solve this, you must use a mono/tripod, use flash to freeze moments, and pick a much higher ISO setting to get faster shutter speeds.

2. Excessive Variation

Excessive Variation photography mistakes

This causes a very strong variation between darker and lighter regions in the image mostly on sunny days. The solution is using the flash to fill in the areas with dark spots.

3. Red-eye

Red eye photography mistakes

It happens when you fail to check your camera settings. Some of these cameras come with an automatic red-eye reduction mode but must be activated.

4. Dubious Colors

Dubious Colors photography mistakes

This color cast problem is so common depending on the location of photography; you must, therefore, use the white balance to correct it.

5. Overstuffing a Photo

Overstuffing a Photo photography mistakes

Taking a photo with a full background or foreground is very tricky, and you must, therefore, use your zoom and framing expertise to handle this problem.

6. Photo Element Distance

Photo Element Distance photography mistakes

It is often tough shooting when the subject is too far this is where the quality of a camera comes in. Use a telephoto zoom lens and shoot it at the highest resolution possible so you can crop it later with Photoshop software.

7. Poor Clarity of Images

7. Poor Clarity of Images photography mistakes

Using low resolution in shooting images is a common problem in photography as it gives poor quality photos and they can’t be well-edited later. To save more photos, simply buy an additional memory card so as to have more and quality photos.

8. Extreme Noise

Extreme Noise photography mistakes

Noise is common with most digital cameras and will be more susceptible at night. It can be resolved by using the largest image quality setting with a tripod to pick the lowest ISO and not have blurry images.

9. Hidden Images

Hidden Images photography mistakes

This refers to shadowy images that are blurred due to insufficient light reaching the sensor. To correct this, open the aperture to allow in more light as well as adding more light in the DSLR exposure.

10. Massive exposure in Photos

Massive exposure in Photos photography mistakes

Photos with too much lighting and lacking proper details are overexposed as too much light is reaching the sensor. You can correct this by choosing a less bright location and picking -0.5 or -1to try and retain detail.