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Common Photography Mistakes

Common Photography mistakes

Photography is an art that most people take seriously as it pays the bills while some take it as a passion. Whichever your case you must understand some of the mistakes photographers to make as well as some of the problems that come with photography. 1. Unclear Photo shots   …

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Good lens can capture good image is it true?

camera focal length

Lens: In this topic we will discuss about what is Lens, Structure, Characteristics and Various types of lens. What is Lens? A piece of glass or plastic which has two opposite surface that is use to correct of vision problems, change and converges of light rays and magnification of light. …

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How to use a DSLR Appropriately and Manage Setting for Better Photography


Photography Guideline (Chapter1): Suppose you have bought a DSLR Camera. Due to no idea about DSLR, of course you get worry to see lots of button after unpacking the camera and seem to have the large User Manual that it is a labyrinth. Then what will you do, start to …

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