Take Selfie Like model

How to Take Selfie Like model

Selfie is a word in everyone’s mouth that may be an adolescent, a teenager or an adult. The person of each age group has fame regarding the word. It is the word connected deeply with each and everyone’s life. Capturing each good, bad situation by taking a selfie has now become the prior rule of everyone’s life. But taking the selfies perfectly like a model is something you really want to know. This is the fact that every generation basically celebrates taking selfies by making different poses and got appealing and attractive images but sometimes they didn’t get the praiseworthy images. But by following the rules of the photography you will be able to capture your charming and fascinating looks into the images by taking a selfie. So get ready to shoot like a model by opting for the below-given rules. 

Concentrate on lighting

Lighting is the soul of photography. It is that essential element that has the capacity to make the captured images a super hit for you. So before shooting remember to concentrate on the lighting around you. Natural light is always good for having natural and gorgeous images. To get the natural light you just need to stand outside or you can shoot by going near the widow by facing towards the light. You really can achieve the best selfie images by focusing on the proper lighting otherwise poor lighting will badly hamper your images so assure the proper lighting conditions before you start shooting.

Crop the shot

You need to crop the shot after capturing the images with the front camera if there is unnecessary space around the subject. Bring your subject in the focus by cropping out all the other inappropriate background objects that have only taken the space and nothing else. Use the crop tool in the photo-shop and crop out the additional frame to give demanded focus to the subject.

Know your right angle

It is also very necessary that you must know your perfect angle for having the perfect images with you.  If you are not aware of your right angle then shoot with different angles and when you get your best one then follow that one. Fantastic and stunning images are not too far from you if you know your right angle.

Concentrate on background

selfie with perfect Background

The background is the most important factor to think upon. While having the selfie images you have to check the background to have the perfect quality images with you. If the background is good then it can add extra beauty in your images otherwise if not then it can spoil too. To remove or edit the background if it is not going best with the subject to get amazing images.

Rule of thirds

One golden rule of photography is the rule of the thirds that is followed by every photographer but maybe not known by regular selfie-takers. This will give you ideal images. As per this rule, selfie-takers have to follow the vertical and horizontal lines on the camera screen and have to put themselves in one of the four points to get that impeccable photo frame. This kind of framing helps you to save the space beside the subject and make the background clearly visible. In short, you can capture some quality selfies by following this simple but effective rule.

Camera selection

The selection of the camera is very important for making all the techniques of capturing the images successful. It is mandatory to choose the right camera for having the correct exposure, good resolutions and for having the images that have all the bare bone features. The selection of the right camera clearly ends the need for post-production services and of selfie photo editing. You can also use the selfie stick for having phenomenal images in one click.

Take as many selfies as possible

One important tip is that capture as many selfies as you can so that you are left with the choice to choose the best out of them.

Use the right apps and filters

Before going for editing of the images with the help of the apps and filter you have to make sure that you are using the correct apps and filters n your images to get the flawless results afterward. So be sure that you are going with the suitable effects and presets for your images otherwise over edit or wrong edit will ruin your images. 

Keep a smile on your face

take selfie smile on your face

Keep that sparkling smile on your face always when you are going to take a selfie like a model. It will give you extraordinary images with natural looks. Remember to wear the natural smile on your face to have that bizarre in your images. You can practice in front of the camera if your smile does not go natural.

Hold mobile using one hand when making selfie

using one hand when making selfie

You have to hold the mobile with one hand for having the model like images. All the images that are posted on social websites are mostly captured using mobile phones and having a professional like image sit is necessary to hold the mobile in one hand.

Look up towards the camera

For having the perfect model like selfie it is recommended to look at the camera lens which is not so important in general photography. You will be able to capture superb selfies if you maintain eye contact with the camera.

Break the rule

Take Selfie Like A Model

Go beyond the rules of shooting and try to capture some extraordinary images by not only following the general photography laws and rules. Think something out of the box to make your images viral on social media websites.

 Extend head from the neck

The next tip that you can follow for having the best images with you is taking the images by not leaning but extending the head from the neck. It will give your appearance taller and longer than the actual one. Most people made this mistake and ultimately bane the quality of the finest selfie images.

Use front lens

It is recommended to always use the front camera for taking the perfect selfie images. Front camera assures your images will not be distorted in anyway be with regard to lighting or alignment or any other way. So always prefer to use the front camera instead of the back camera.

Spot activity

To make the selfies look like a model it is crucial to highlight the regular activities in the selfies. Highlighting different activities in the selfies will make them more attractive and informative too. You can make your images more interesting by spotting your doing activities like meeting with a friend, or having food in the restaurant or enjoying a holiday or party basically by capturing your images in the way that will convey your daily stories.

Avoid shadows

Avoid shadows on your face while having the selfie with your front camera as unwanted shadows can spoil the looks of even the prettiest images. Shadows can degrade the quality of the images by making them look blackish. So it is necessary that you focus on the proper lighting to make your selfies to look beautiful. 


The most important tip of the day is the correct posture for having the perfect selfie. Don’t restrict yourself or feel shy while posing in front of the camera if you want to get terrific images on your phone. Try to make different and funny faces and experiment every unique posture with the help of the eyes, face or lips, etc. One more important thing is capturing your images in different places with different dresses, accessories, backgrounds to get that uniqueness in your images.

Correct usage of flash

For having the perfect selfie it is important that you must know the correct usage and correct timing of using the flash. You need to use the flash when the lighting is not proper or we can say when you are shooting in the evening. In short, if you find your image in the mobile screen looks blackish due to improper light then use flash or extra light. 

Relax your face or mouth

Just keep your face and mouth relaxed in order to get the model like images with you. Don’t make robotic faces while taking selfie images as it may destroy your images. You have to set your forehead, mouth in a relaxing position to get good results.

Give proper time to editing

Editing is mandatory to get the perfect look of the model images. You have spent some time on editing to make the images look superbly stunning. It is your choice that whether you want to perform editing on your own or want to give it to the editing companies to bring that required perfection in the images.

Keep natural expressions

To make your selfie images look really appealing you have to keep your expressions natural on your face. This will bring your out your original natural beauty on your face and your selfie images will definitely look amazing. So remain cool, relaxed and go natural with the selfie images.

So follow these tips and rules and you will surely be able to capture the selfies like models.  So have wonderful selfies and post it on social media sites and let them go viral.


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