There are plenty of small objects, indoor things lying around the house that are of no use but cluttering the space. You can always sell them out on online marketplaces like eBay. Many people sell their used products, and there are buyers who are happy to pay a small amount for a fairly good-looking candle stand or a working blender. However, you don’t throw your stuff on the internet to simply get rid of it. You sell it like any other merchandise. Selling online requires one more important aspect to be taken care of, the presentation. Photograph your objects to their best possible look, that’s how you sell them.

The Photo Studio

You don’t need to budget out yourself to sell a used product that was lying on the shelf until yesterday. Just get yourself a white poster board from the nearest shop, it serves well as a softbox. Make sure it is flexible enough to bend on the floor when you lay it on the wall, with the lower half resting on the floor. Make sure the room is nicely lit up if it isn’t consider using a small lamp. You should place at an angle of forty-five degrees to your product lying on the floor on the white poster board.

Ebay Product Photography

The Frame

White is the way to be. Focus on the object you are going to sell not the scenic beauty in the backdrop, it does not matter. Clear off the frame, no wall, no plants nothing at all. There should be the product and the white poster board background only. Use the zoom-in feature to get in close or simply crop the photo once taken. All you aim at is eliminating any distractions and unwanted objects in the shot.

Ebay Product Photography

Don’t use flash, it leaves spots of light. Use the natural light or the lamp or the usual light in the room. Use a tripod to avoid shaking off and slow shutter blurs.


Light is a crucial factor usually overlooked by many of us? Take care of it. Use the white balance option on the camera settings. It is very helpful in indoor photography. Select the model according to the light that is lighting up your room. The fluorescent, incandescent. Be careful with the selection. A wrong selection could give a strange tinge to your products in the final output; the color tint may change altogether. You don’t want to showcase a different-looking object that you can sell to your customer. That’s negative.

Ebay Product Photography


Too many shots? Never, there are never too many shots while photography a product for sale. Capture every angle, every detail of it. Let people see it as clearly as they could if they held it in their hand. Select the best shots to go online, multiple angles.

Ebay Product Photography

You can photograph your products like a pro by setting up this cheap home studio. Sell it all out that you don’t need for yourself.