Do you know what Photo Manipulation is? Let me explain you!! It is a method of correcting a picture for color problems and dealing with the whole makeover. It’s no longer considered a hidden art now… No digital tweaking or a darkroom is needed for the corrections.

Previously, the bright images used to take birth in darkness but now that time is gone when a darkroom was given much importance for photo manipulation. Now the world has been welcoming in accepting photo manipulation as a coveted art form. And it is because digital photography has provided editing software to the developers to use the techniques and tools.

Removal of unwanted items and moving an image to a new background comes under Image Manipulation. Making use of tools and techniques for image manipulation makes it possible to serve different purposes. Perfect imagery is everyone’s desire so why not use editing tools whether the image is for advertising, commercial or personal use.

Modern Techniques and Photo Manipulation

Photographers follow simple tools and techniques for manipulation when they are in early stages of photography. But when the time passes, cutting age technology is used to add perfection in the images. Image manipulation can include graphics, backgrounds and text etc. Software like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw has been used widely to change the outlook of the images and the world also. Tools like photo retouching, image masking, clipping path and many more innovations are used for editing. This software is used to put 3D effects in the images to make them look pragmatic.

The results of image manipulation are beyond the human imagination but some parts get destroyed from the old images. Having a correct tool in hand is the key to achieve stunning results and make them look natural. It is an artistic expression to convert the old images to new ones using different elements. Though tweaking or altering an image is must for manipulating an image, it must not be deceiving. Not only will it make the pictures look fake but also will make you lose its visitors. Visual art always attracts the viewers.

Do Photographers still use Darkroom Manipulation?

Yes, some photographers still use this form of manipulation. May be it will come as an amazement to many!! Some artists believe that darkroom brings the magic out of the pictures and make them look amazing. But the huge difference in both digital and darkroom techniques is that digital technology is quite easy to use. Anyone can use digital tools to manipulate images without much special expertise.

So, while darkroom is the chamber of past history, digital tools are a matter of future.