Spending money on promoting your brand is something that every business does. When we talk about eCommerce, it is important to do proper marketing as without that, people will not get to know what exactly your brand sells. Whether it is a small scale business or a large scale, marketing and promotions hold an essential place. Also, for online portals, what matters the most is high-quality images that engage the viewers and convince them for buying.

Without good-looking images, it is just not possible to grab the attention of the viewers. As it is really hard for them to rely on bad images. Other than that, quality images increase the sales as well so to earn a good amount of money. You have to work on a few things in order to achieve nice images:

Create Simple Images

Images must be created in a simple manner. So that it is easy to display the products and not distract the viewer. First of all, while shooting the product images, make sure not to add distracting backgrounds or elements as they tend to push the viewers away. It is because the viewers get lost in the backdrop and forget about the product they are looking for. So to give them a clear idea of what they are buying, keep the images simple on simple backgrounds.

Present your products on uncluttered and simple backgrounds without any unnecessary graphics and text. Choose different angles from the side, back, front, below, and showcase. The best angles to the viewers to let them decide whether or not to buy the product. To display the product in the most flattering and informative manner. Get your photos sharp and clear. There is no room to overemphasize the product as the viewers might feel it a fraud act by your website. Keep images natural yet elegant with correct white balance.

Visual Presentation

By delivering high-quality images, you can get really good and genuine customers on the site. Today in the digital world, every business depends upon visually appealing images and videos so you are no less than others. Make sure to design visually beautiful images which immediately strike the minds of the viewers and they consider your portal for purchasing. Since everyone is so busy, they don’t have that much time to waste on a bad-looking website. So keep in mind that the product photographs are of high quality.

Image Resolution

Image resolution must be paid proper attention to as it is important to keep the resolution high. Also, if you have shot all the images in JPEG format, it is great because the image will be of lesser size and the colors will be in the perfect tone. While clicking the pictures, make sure to keep the resolution high so when the customers zoom in on the picture, the pixels don’t break.

Keep the backgrounds clean

Start with a clean background and if not, consider editing the pictures in the post-production phase. The white or clean backgrounds have more tendency to attract the viewers so either use white foam boards against the products while clicking or rely on Photoshop’s clipping path to cut out the unwanted backgrounds. Also, you can keep large white cardboard to bring the best out of any photo. Don’t forget to use a tripod for consistent and clear shots.

Go for Editing

Once you are done with all the shooting processes, it’s time to optimize the images in Photoshop. Image editing is a crucial process that has to be done very carefully so that no important details are missed out. Also, in Photoshop, there are so many tools so you have to analyze the type of editing required and then apply the relevant tool to get the results right. You might need to hire a professional photo editor to get desired results if you are not that aware of Photoshop tools. But if you think you can do that by yourself, read the tutorials and try experimenting to save additional costs. Other than that, photo editing companies don’t charge much amount and deliver the work within 24 hours depending upon the workload.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is another aspect of image optimization as with that, you can remove the skin or body flaws using a set of Photoshop tools. Remove the face imperfections, red eyes, patches, dark spots, etc. by using the spot healing brush tool and clone stamp tool. All you need is some knowledge on how to do that and there you go with the stunning results. Since you know time is money, you can outsource the work to the photo editing companies to save your time.


Great-looking product photos are a must for every online store so keep these tips in mind while creating your own eCommerce portal and stay ahead of the competition.