Remove white background from an image In Photoshop

There are various types of tools in Photoshop to process for removing the backgrounds like Pen tool, Magic Wand tool, Quick selection tool, and Alpha Channel Masks. The pen tool is one of the most incredible and flexible tools for removing the backgrounds from an image. The process is called clipping path which is made by a powerful pen tool. A clipping path is needed when you want to remove the image background. It’s not a complicated task for the Photoshop experts to process the clipping path around the image and remove the white background. An appropriate clipping path depends on how much time you practice with the pen tool in Photoshop. So the more you will practice with the pen tool, the more you will do the task easily. Let’s try to take an idea from the example image of removing the background which is given below:


remove white background

Tutorial: Removing Image background using clipping path process in Photoshop

Here I am giving the basic steps of removing the white background using the clipping path process in Photoshop CS3. Run Photoshop CS3 on your computer and follow below steps:

  • Open The image in Photoshop, Pick the Peen Tool, and set up other Option Properly.

1. Firstly, Open an image in Photoshop you want to use for your clipping path. So go to the File menu in Photoshop, select the open as and click there you will see an open dialogue box. Then choose the file and click open.

remove the background tutorial

2. Go to the left tools Box and Pen tool from there. When you pick the tool, the mouse cursor will change to a like pen, and from bellow tools palette select on the Rubber Band

image background remove


3. Now you can zoom the image for the best quality but I think zoom level 300 is more preferable.

  • How to Create Clipping Path for Remove Background

1. click on the image edge and start the clipping path process by dragging your mouse pointer with the Peen tool and step by step Drawing the clipping path following an appropriate distance around the image.



2. Then when it’s almost done then you should close the path with the start point with the endpoint and after completing the clipping path around the image and check it again for making you ensure that it is properly done.

create clipping mask

  • How To Remove The Background of the image by done Clipping Path

1. Now see the Path palette and Here is a Path with the name of  “work path” Then double click on the “work path” and when opening a box, click on the ok option to save the path.

remove white background


2. Now go to the Path Palette upper right side “pop up” menu and select clipping Path option and click there a box will open and set Flatness 0.50 Px Click on the Ok for active the Paths.

clipping path


3. After following these steps, then click ctrl+Path 1 for the selection and give a feather 0.5 by pressing ctrl+alt+D button.

feather selection for clipping path

4. Now click ctrl+J for creating a new Layer 1 and close the eye of Background and it’s now seen in the transparent background on the screen. Thus the clipping path process removes the white background of an image.

removed image background by clipping path process


5. Finally it is time to save the processing image. Go to the File menu and click on the ‘save as’ and you will find a box. Select the desired format you want to save the image. And after selecting format press on the ‘Ok’.

clipping path done

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