Amateur Photography tips

9 Professional Tips for Amateur Photographers

You are in love with photography but not sure of HDR and SLR. You feel it quite hard to stay away from your camera? Am I right? If this is the thing, you surely want to become a professional photograph professional photographer. So let’s check out the tips in the article and become a pro photographer.

Photography is a wide concept and people go for full fledge courses to learn this art of covering the journey from beginner to skilled photographer. So let’s accumulate the knowledge here and use the tips well!!

Hold the Camera Right

Never hold the camera away from you stretching your arms out. But keep it close to your face to maintain stability and improve the image sharpness.

Amateur Photography tips


Sometimes while pressing the camera button to capture shots make the images blurry as the camera shakes resulting in undesired movements. So you can use timer to get rid of this issue and using timer gives you an option to set yourself and maintain a stable position after pressing click.

Flash in Day

Maybe, it sounds strange as flash is not meant to be used in the daytime. But it works!! In sunlight, if you take shots with flash on, the images will be clearer as the flash deals with unexpected light coming from other directions. Use flash when the light is too bright.

Amateur Photography tips


Rather than using the zoom function, try to get closer to the camera. Use your legs and come close. No doubt, camera zoom is a great feature and most of the beginners use it but quality is reduced this way as the picture gets distorted. So walk in closer and get spared from using zoom the next time.

Amateur Photography tips

Work around with various angles

Don’t be boring!! Try different positions and angles while shooting pictures. You never know which shot comes out to be the best. Be experimental and learn about various angles.

Amateur Photography tips

Photo Editing

Don’t take it as cheating because it’s not. Photo editing spices up a picture against any type of flaws and imperfections, in particular. Enhancing something is always good and all the photographers do this. Have you ever wondered that how you look so beautiful in your images? Well, it’s because of editing only. Improve the picture for contrast, light, darkness or any other elements you think you can deal with Clipping Path King

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Buy Card Reader

Come on guys, take a card reader to transfer the images from camera to your computer and say goodbye to USB cable. Transferring photos using a cable is quite annoying as the speed is very less. So spend a few dollars and save yourself from annoyance. Let’s get ready to shoot flawless images and then transfer it to the computer to cherish them later on.

Amateur Photography tips

Delete button is not your well wisher

Just don’t rush for things. No matter what you are looking in the camera shot, don’t delete the picture. You never know sometimes the picture you think of deleting in the first look appears perfect when seen on bigger screen. Be patient and shift all the images to a computer and then decide whether or not to keep the picture. If it’s bad one, you will get to learn from your mistakes and next time when you will shoot any picture, it will improve.

Shoot, shoot and shoot

You are not using those typical roll-cameras where you have to pay for every film roll. Just shoot as much as you can comfortably. Experimenting with things is a good thing so take out sometime to capture perfect shots. Plus, you feel confident with every image you click and it is the key to become successful in becoming a professional photographer. Digital camera doesn’t cost anything so just go crazy and shoot countless images. A best way to improve!!

Amateur Photography tips

To conclude, I would say that try out these tips and become a skilled photographer in no time. Just practice and practice… Keep going!


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