Steps to Change the Image Resolution in Photoshop

Steps to Change the Image Resolution in Photoshop

Resolution is an important part of every image as a good resolution makes the image look perfect even when it is seen on a larger device. But not every image is shot with a good resolution. So you may need to change its resolution in Photoshop. Here are the steps to change the image resolution if the need arises:

  • Open the image
  • Go to Image>Image size. A dialog box will appear where you have to put the resolution value. The higher value means the image will have fine details.
  • Now in the dialog box, uncheck the Resample image checkbox to avoid adding additional pixels.
  • In the resolution field, add the value. If you enter a high resolution, the document size decreases after the printing but the pixel size remains the same.
  • Image Resolution in PhotoshopTo keep the image size according to your requirements, select the resample image checkbox and fill in the necessary width and height. I would suggest reducing the size to avoid quality degradation.
  • It’s done! Click OK once you are done with the image adjustments. You will be back to the document, pick the zoom tool and double click it to have a look at the onscreen image. Always make sure to see the image at 100% to get the proper view of the final image.
  • Save the image for future purposes

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