Displaying products on an ecommerce store is not that difficult as mentioning the conversion rate on the portal. The problem arises when the customer get stuck in the shopping cart that results into them not trusting you anymore. The increasing malware and frauds have made the people much aware about the clicks they do on the internet. To make them feel safe and secure, you have to show them your worth so that they can buy products on your portal.

Here are a few indicators to make the customers trust the worth of your ecommerce store:

Make your Website Personal:

People trust your website when they see you on your website. The About Us page must contain the company’s information but also a little info about your staff with their names. People feel connected as they find it good to have a nice message from the owner of the website.

Be Professional

Always show people that you are a professional company and not a fake one. Try not to put irrelevant information on the website and make sure to give the contact information. Mention the return policy, refund policy and customer service policy on the portal to gain the trust of the customers. The more assistance people get from your customer service, the more they get to believe you.

Show the Testimonials

People trust you when they see that other people trust you. Your customers, who have been associated with you since long due to the good services that you offer, show them on your portal. Ask them to give a short and nice message for your potential customers. If there is any event organized by your company or you have received some award, show it on your homepage.

Offer a Secure Website

People need to be safe and secure especially when they are on shopping websites. They prefer HTTPS over HTTP, it tells them that a website is secure. You can show a SSL certificate symbol on the website informing the people that they are on a secure platform.


People when visit online shopping portals, they do what they do in land stores i.e. check out the collection, look for the worth and then decide whether or not they are interested in buying stuff. Now it is your duty to offer them what they want so that when they come, they start to shop. Keep all the above indicators in mind while creating your online portal and earn thousands of applauds and a lot of trustworthy customers.