Lighting Options to Give a New Look to Product Photography

Check Out These Lighting Options to Give a New Look to Product Photography

Buying a camera is the most daunting task especially when you are a beginner in photography. To get beautiful pictures, it is important to invest in a good camera. Successful photographer is that who has the potential to transform the dull images into splendid ones. The major factor here is the lighting arrangement that gives a new edge to the photos. With proper lighting, it is possible to put life into the photos and make them look amazing.

Product photography is one such thing that can make or ruin a business whether small or large. Special expertise is required to shoo the product photography with utmost quality and skills. A bad looking product will never be bought by anyone because people like to buy good looking things from online stores owing to the fact that they cannot touch it with hands. The product looks bad if shot in the bad lighting arrangement, here are some tips for good lighting arrangement:

Pre production

In the pre production phase, it is important to work on the lighting arrangement. You need special lighting kits for the photography in order to capture the beautiful shots. Natural light, camera flash, diffusion sheet, light bulbs, reflectors, soft boxes, white backdrop and tripod etc.

Background Setup

Background Setup

White backdrop is the most common thing that all photographers prefer to shoot the perfect clicks. White background beautifully complements the product and makes it look awesome from all angles. Products look great in such an atmosphere and you can keep the light bulbs there to enhance the image.

Studio Lights

Studio Lights

Studio lights work great in giving an improvised look to the images and also they are getting quite popular these days. Studio lights are bright enough to give a sharp and crisp look to the product photos. Now days, it is easy to make the product look perfect in every sense.

Umbrella Light

Umbrella Light

Place the umbrella light against the backdrop and give a commendable look to the photos. Any product that is placed against white backdrop looks great and when you place two umbrella lights, it looks even better. Such an arrangement focuses proper light on the product and gives it a glowing atmosphere.

Glass Light

Glass Light

Place a glass beneath the product to give a reflective look to the product and add a shadow. Product photography looks best when shot with bottles, jars, glossy things and other such items etc. Keep these beneath the product and some more lights on the top as it will shed complete light on the product to make it look just perfect.

Once you are done with all the lighting arrangements, capture the photos afterwards until you get the perfect shot. After that, in the post production phase, you can apply photo editing like clipping path, ghost mannequin, photo manipulation etc. Go ahead and use these lighting arrangements to make the images look incredible and awesome in every manner. Have a good day!

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  1. Nice article, I am too a product photographer, My biggest issue is setting up all the setup again and gain, Especially if i am using the Flash setup like this

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