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Use Photoshop to Create Vintage Photos

Photoshop to Create Vintage Photos

Vintage photos look beautiful and are ought to bring much more traffic than the normal photography. Not much of the efforts are required to create a vintage photo on your own and all you need is a photo editing software that will design a perfect vintage picture. Today’s tutorial is …

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Make Your Jewelry Attractive by Using Shadow On The Background

Shadow for Jewelry Product Images

Make your jewelry shine on your online portal!! Most of the time, people get annoyed with shadows but if you use them rightly, it can be advantageous and can make your jewelry images look very natural. A lot of ways are there to add a shadow to make the piece …

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How to swap faces in Photoshop CS6 Easily.

How to swap faces in Photoshop

Photoshop face swap or heads is maybe what Photoshop is most typically used for. Near to each magazine cowl, or each movie-picture show poster that you simply see has a head or face replaced. There are many ways to exchange a face swap in Photoshop however one in every of …

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A Closer Look at Background Changing In Photoshop

Background Changing In Photoshop

Photoshop tools are the best are the best gift to every photo lovers as they let you change almost everything to get that amazing shot you’ve always wished. An image can have elements portrayed in the most spectacular of ways but with an awkward background or additional messy elements. Photoshop …

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