Most of you probably heard about face swapping using smart phone apps as a fun. There are many apps in play store like Hiface, Golden ratio face and face editor etc. But you might be surprised to know that you can do face swap in Photoshop.

Yes, you can even have make fun swapping your face with other persons head, but you can make experiment also with different looks that you don’t do before.

Also, by merging faces and bodies, creative may create new subjects that don’t exist in real world.

Finally, it’s a great tool that will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Take a look at how simple it is.

How to Swap Faces in Photoshop 

1  :Open your image files in Photoshop

2 : Select the Portion face you want in the final photo

3 : Copy the image face Portion you want to swap faces in the final photo

4 : Paste the image portions that you can swap faces

5 : Resize the Photo

6: Copy the Image background layer 

7: Create a clipping mask 

 8: Create a slight overlap of the face with the body

9: Delete the face from the body layer

10: Select the face and body layers

11:Select Auto-Blend Layers


How to Swap Faces Using Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop face swap or copy paste faces is maybe what Photoshop is most typically used. Near to each magazine cowl, or each movie-picture show poster that you simply see has a head or face replaced. There are many ways to exchange a face swap in Photoshop. We use the only technique is to use the Auto-Blend Layers function to face swap in Photoshop.

For Swapping faces Auto-Blend Layers function would not seamlessly and effortlessly mix a face to a body. You will be ready to swap faces in Photoshop between two different faces with completely different skin tones. This can solely take a couple of clicks.

 Face swap Photoshop is a fun technique.  we are currently ready to simply place a face on a unique body by following simple tasks. You can impress your friends with your new Photoshop skills. Now get ready your eyes to the step by step methods in the bellow :

Photoshop face swap techniques are Bellow step by step :

How do you make a Face Swap in Photoshop?

Photoshop face swapping with the object selection tools. It’s can use to a individual part of you body like a nose, an eye or head or an entire face .in this tutorial we are going show you the entire face swap.

Open your image files in Photoshop

Go to the file and Open the menu to open the images which you are want to face swap.


How to Swap Faces in Photoshop

Select the Portion face you want in the final photo

Then go to the image which you wish to cut and select the Lasso Tool from the toolbox ( press “L” on the keyboard or select it from the tool menu).

faces swap


Next start cutting the face. select Carefully around the nose, eyebrows, and lips. This is best to select only the most highlighted parts of the face so that you want to swap faces with a more natural outcome.

Select the Portion face

 Copy the image face Portion you want to swap faces in the final photo

Select the new Layer that you have cut out for the swap face or face combine portion to contain and Click CTRL+C (or COMMAND+C for Mac users) to copy the selection. Need to confirm the dotted line is still flashing.

swap faces in photoshop

Paste the image portions that you can face swap

After that go to the main image that you want to make swap face with the cutting face and select the layer and Then press “ctrl+V”  (COMMAND+V on Mac) to paste the copied face Portions to the photo and paste it over the image you want to replace. To deselect the face and remove the flashing line press CTRL+D (COMMAND+D for Mac users).


face swap photoshop

Resize the Photo

After that need to keep the Opacity below 50% for proper viewing and press “ctrl + T” (COMMAND+T for Mac), for free transform. Then try to match the face until it is properly adjusted.

To properly adjust the face hold the Shift key and click the box and drag. If you need to move, rotate the face cutting part and it will give you rotation toggles that allow you to turn movement the image.

When you confirm the placement then press “Enter”. If you don’t press “Enter” when you finish because all of your hard work will be lost. so this is very important to Press Enter to finalize. After that adjust the layer opacity again to 100%.

face swap

Copy the Image background layer

Next-stage needs to duplicate the Photo “Background Layer “. Select the Background Layer from Layer Tools Box. Select Duplicate Layer by mouse to right-click or by keyboard shortcut press CTRL+J (COMMAND+J on Mac).

photoshop face combine


 Create a clipping mask

Press CTRL (COMMAND on Mac) when clicking on the face layer thumbnail of the. It will select the shape of the face on all layers and close the original “Background Layer” by clicking on the Visibility Eye to hide the layer.


Create a slight overlap of the face with the body

Selection the “Layer 1” pressing ctrl+Layer 1 and go to the “Select menu” on the above. You will find there “Modify” and click the “Contract ” inside the “Modify Option”. Keep Contractor within 5-10 Pixel This will shrink the clipping mask by 6-10 pixels which will Help to overlap the face to the body by a few pixels. Press CTRL (COMMAND on Mac) while clicking the thumbnail of the face layer. This will select the shape of the face on all layers.

photoshop face swap

Delete the face from the body layer

then select “Background Copy” and press “Backspace” or “Delete” in the keyboard to remove the beneath area of the face or transparent the adjusted face and to view the Transparent look on the face close “layer 1” eye. Press CTRL+D (COMMAND+D on Mac) to deselect the selection area.


Delete the face


Select the face and body layers

Deselect the selection by pressing ctrl+D and Selecting the “layer 1″( Face Layer) & “Background Copy”(Body layer)  together by holding Ctrl.

photoshop face swap

Select Auto-Blend Layers

Go to the “Edit menu” and click “Auto-Blend Layers“.

Auto-Blend face for swap

You can see a box and make sure that “Panorama” & “Seamless Tones and colors” are selected in the box as in the bellow picture. Then click “Ok Button”.

photoshop face swap

The final editing is now visible to you on the screen.

face swap


Video Tutorial: How to swap faces or copy paste faces using Adobe Photoshop CS6

For gathering the face-swapping in Photoshop techniques in your mind watch my video. I am sure that you will be able to realize the techniques easily.



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