The History of photography and some unbelievable photos.

History of photography:

Photography is creative things and it’s define as a light is coming from a scene and catch it permanently by reflecting with something. Reflection is invented many years ago but then capturing a scene is not invented. 400 years ago people knew that process for capturing an image and fixed it permanently.

photo edit

All photographers are using their great mind for taking good images but sometime they need to make them more specific like changing the background of that images For getting this kind of service please

Some Unbelievable Older Historical Photos

People are capturing this kind of image on ancient time.

Dogor type image the road of paris

first photography


Dogor type image:

background remove

See the 3 number image that was captured by lei Dag and it’s an image of a road of Paris. About ten to twelve passed for getting light enter into the camera for capturing this image.

I think you have understood the main process for capturing the images after this start the technology is updating day by day. Exposure time was big but the captured images was fixed on the screen. After some years the backward image that’s called Negative is invented then exposure process time is smaller and can be fixed it in the screen quickly.

Camera and film are updated day by day. Now a days we are getting small camera big camera and more kinds of cameras but the process is same for all of them. Now the digital time has come so now we are using digital where we do not need to use any film. Now we describe about digital camera and its main thing camera sensor.
Digital camera sensor: digital camera is the main things for the photographers. Someone are using it as hobby for capturing images.

Some Unbelievable Now a days.

The quality of digital camera images is going beyond the film used camera images. Now everyone is using digital camera as it can be seen instantly when capturing. Old cameras pixel was not so high for that reason big image cannot print out from that images. Film camera destroyed day by day and producing companies are stop to produce this kinds of camera.
Now I will give some example of rare digital photos by capturing greatest photographers..



Afgan Girl photographer: Steve McCurry


background remove

 Napam girl Photographer: Nicat in 1972



Background remove

Nature capture photo 

Categories of photography:

1.  Landscape photography: Mainly the natural images is called in this category the nature is the first priority for this kind of photography. see the given image its example of landscape photo.

photo retouching

 2. portrait photography : The direct face of a person is the main aim for the kinds of photos. see the example for better understanding.



3. Micro photography : this kind of photos are captured from nearer of the subject for getting a spot of that subject. see the example.




4. Action photography : Quick running subject photos are taken in this category see the example.

Action photo edit

5. Steal live photography: its photos of matters which creates atmosphere with light and fade.

background remove

In professional view there are many other categories of photography like fashion event,wedding, sport, world life, street life and lifestyle photography.

All photographers are using their great mind for taking good images but sometime they need to make them more specific like changing the background of that images For getting this kind of service please visit here

How to be a photographer using mobile phone

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