There are different kinds of people in the world and every one has Different Hobbes. The most of them like Capturing photography using Mobile Phone. There are many peoples who are doing Professional photography for earning money. we have a common idea that, if we have not a DSLR then we can’t take good image or we can’t be photographer. Let me say you some moral like, if you have good pen that do not mean your hand write will be good. If you want to be good photographer then at first you should have creative look. You have no DSLR that’s not a problem to be a photographer. You have your liked mobile so you can use your mobile for taking good image. But for being good for capturing good image by mobile you have to maintain some rules.

Mobile Phone Photography 

  1. For capturing good photo using Mobile Phone the light is main factor so at first you have keep eye on light. You have to keep eye that the light should come from the different sight of the main subject. Then the subject will be clearer. If the light is behind the subject then you will not get clear image. see this image

photography by mobile

  1. You have to be constant when you will capture an image with your phone.
  2. When you capture a image then you should keep eye on the background.
  3. Do not use zoom when you capture image by your mobile.
  4. Take image as near as possible from your subject.
  5. Take image from different angle.
  6. Every time take eye that your camera focus should be on your main subject.
  7. Get the image on high resolution on your mobile when photography by phone.
  8. Take many picture as possible as it will make your hand skilled for taking image.
  9. After taking image you can use simple editing for making It more beautiful but big edit will destroy your image.

Some Photography Examples

I have attached some images which has captured by the mobile. If you are well and skilled then you will capture good image as given images are shown.

Mobile Photography

Mobile Photography

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