Consider going to a restaurant and ordering your favorite meal. In the world of Instagram and Facebook, posting your favorite meal online and letting people know about your day is a trend now.

Besides having good photography skills, experts also focus on outstanding backdrop presentation that makes the photo quality of your meal even more attractive. Also, for restaurant owners or food bloggers, having the best food photography backdrops is a great way to attract more customers. Have you ever thought of such business strategies?

In this article, we will discuss food photography backdrops, their preferred sizes, and different types of backdrop designs. So, make sure to read the whole article and gather some innovative ideas.

What Are Food Photography Backdrops?

Food photography backdrops are especially important for photographers who focus on advertising food platters or blogging. Many people confuse themselves between food backdrops and surfaces.

Well, according to our research, a backdrop can be an alternative to the surface. The main difference between them is that backdrops are held behind the food objects, whereas the surface is referred to as the bottom-line design.

A good backdrop should have a nice color combination that suits well with the food. In most cases, the backdrop color combination should be saturated so that most of the light from the camera focuses on the food.

Furthermore, a good texture design might also spice up things. For example, a woody structure can reflect a more natural color than tiles or colorful paper.

Moreover, some photographers tend to capture the natural background of the dishes. This type of photograph will be good for posting on social media, but we suggest getting a decent backdrop when it comes to exploring your business strategy.

That’s not all! Apart from a sleek design, the best backdrops should also have a decent proportion of sizes for the image to be captured in the preferred frame. Follow the later section for more details!

What Are the Available Sizes of Food Photography Backdrops?

First, there is no need to cover a large portion of the backdrop to take a picture of the food. Such arrangements will be unnecessary and costly as well. If you are planning to set the backdrop behind, then the preferable size should be not more than 30 by 40 inches of any texture or structure.

Additionally, as we said earlier, surface backdrop implementation is very demanding if someone wants to take an aerial view of the food menus. As per our research, most advertising backdrops shoot the photo from different angles to get a clear view of the food.

For example, in some restaurants, the photo of the platter is taken from two or three different angles for more advertising areas —posters, websites, and more. In such cases, the cost of making multiple food photography backdrops will be high.

Different Types of Food Photography Backdrops

Now that you know the various aspects of food photography, it is time to find the best food photography backdrops that you can choose to help your clients with their business.

Here are some of the top-notch backdrops to consider:

  • V-Flat Boards
  • Snapit Boards
  • GoShoot Backdrop Boards
  • Magipea Backdrops
  • Wood And Concrete Hard Surface Backdrops

V-Flat Boards

With detailed and clean backdrop texture, V-Flat boards are at your service. The most interesting part about these boards is that they are dual-sided with different colors and textures; hence, you can use them for multiple backdrop options.

V-Flat Boards

V-Flat Boards

Last but not least, they do not produce any glare, producing a sharp image in the camera lenses. They are affordable and come with various color variants and types- painted walls, marble, and tiles.

Each V-Flat Board is 30 by 40 inches, which is the preferred size for food photography backdrops.

Snapit Boards

If you want a slight gradient mixture with realistic color variations, Snapit backdrop boards are the right choice. They are made of hard PVC surfaces, which provide anti-glare properties and durability.

Snapit Boards

Snapit Boards


These backdrop boards have the upper hand regarding realistic effects. They have a brick-coloured texture, marble, and wood structure.

As for the price, they are easily affordable, with numerous kit options. The most popular one is the backdrop kit in one package.

GoShoot Backdrop Boards

The dimensions of GoShoot backdrop boards are 24 by 24 inches, considered the standard backdrop size. One advantage of using GoShoot backdrops is that they are waterproof.

Furthermore, it has the simplest, sleek color combination that will make the photoshoot dishes even more attractive. Like V-Flat boards, it is very cheap and available in dual-sided backgrounds.

Hence, are you looking for the simplest backdrop design boards? Get GoShoot today as soon as possible before others order your preferred boards.

Magipea Backdrops

The only backdrop designs that come with optional sizes are Magipea backdrops. This backdrop is available in two sizes- 13 by 13 inches and 19.7 by 19.7 inches.


However, many customers claim that the design area is too small. But, according to our research, it is compact and synchronizes with the food platters very well.

Magipea Backdrops

Magipea Backdrops

They also offer a wide variety of design options, such as multiple colour gradients and wood-brick structures. Most importantly, they are available at low prices.

Making Wood and Concrete Hard Surface Backdrops

If you need a realistic feel of wood and concrete structure to account for the boldness of your photographed food items, Meking has got you covered. Not only that, they offer you the biggest size of backdrop boards- 22 by 35 inches.

Hard Surface Backdrops

Hard Surface Backdrops


Additionally, you can easily roll up these backdrop boards and store them for future use. The designs also have dual sides, allowing you to change the backdrop design.

Making made most of these backdrops from cardboard. Additionally, they have included a thin layer of plastic on the outside, thus making them completely waterproof.

These designs look simple at first sight, but they appear realistic and fashionable in the photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most eye-soothing colors for a food photography backdrop?

Speaking from our experience, food platters tend to reflect their freshest view when the backdrop colour gradient is neutral and saturated. Grey, silver, black and brown colours tend to match the requirements most perfectly. In other cases, there are multiple PVC textures to consider also.

What are the parameters for choosing a perfect food photography backdrop?

A photography backdrop is key to having a neutral color combination when picking good food. Other than that, if there are any borders on the backdrop, make sure not to have bold borders. Also, please do not make it bright, which will steal the focus from the food.

Additionally, do not use any flashlights on the backdrop, which might distort both the colour of the food and the backdrop.

What is the best angle for food photography?

The main focus during the food photography is to attract most of the natural lights and view most of the portions of the food platter. Hence, photographers recommend having a 45-degree angle clear shot.

Most importantly, if you have multiple backdrops, this 45-degree angle will give you a dynamic view of both.

What type of lighting should we use for food photography?

Expert photographers suggest that using as much natural light as possible in food photography brings out the sharpness of the food in the photo. Additionally, if someone wants to add artificial lights, we suggest not using too much intensity.

What color plate should we use for food photography?

As food photography aims to reflect the food items as vividly as possible, we recommend using white plates during the food photography. From an artistic point of view, white plates act like art paper to the food, giving it a glossy look.

Also, you can use other colours like light grey and off-white, representing the food items as a canvas painting.

Is it possible to make a career out of food photography?

Yes! Plenty of restaurant owners are looking for food photographers to hire. They expect to add some of the dashing photos of their food platters to their menus and portfolios.

Most importantly, an experienced food photographer also gets a decent monthly payment depending on the number of projects they handle.


Therefore, what are the best food photography backdrops? No matter what backdrop you choose, the key to good food photography also lies within the skills of a photographer, light aperture, color combination, and, most importantly, the presentation style of the dish.

Food photography is a good career to focus on and, at the same time, a big responsibility to handle. Some restaurant owners will solemnly depend on you for their business growth.

All the food photography backdrops mentioned above will give a divine look to the food platter. We hope this article was helpful to you, and we will recommend it to others looking for similar backdrop suggestions.