Optimize your product images now and get your products ready for Google shopping. Have you built your website? Yeah? Now you need to prep up to sell your products. Do you know what is product optimization? Let me explain to you.

Making a product complete in all aspects including description, title alternative text entry, or organic SEO optimization. However, getting organic traffic on the site tempts everyone especially those having online stores. Generating organic traffic is time-consuming and that’s why e-commerce stores have to opt for paid online advertising to boost sales.

According to some studies, 89% of consumers are dependent on search engines to buy products and among them, 50% are those who access search engines from their mobile so it becomes crucially important for them to find a mobile-friendly e-commerce portal.

With around 18 billion searches a year, Google fueled the Google shopping system for your online sales. In today’s article, I would like to enlighten you about how product photography can hamper your sales if the quality is not up to the expectations of Google. Let’s see:

How It Works?

In online stores, product optimization is the only thing that keeps you in sway with Google shopping. So in short, it can be said that the online stores which have been successful in keeping their customers hooked to the site, it is all because of high quality and web-friendly product images. Here’s how:

Suppose you are searching for a blue dress in Google and you see two product ads where one image is blurred and the other is high quality with almost similar prices. Which one would you open? Obviously the high-quality image…

Google Shopping Product Ads

It’s because stunning product images catch your attention at once thus igniting the human brain and you immediately click on that leaving the other one behind. And the human brain is so quick in making decisions that it will immediately judge the reputation of both businesses. Keeping this in consideration, Google shopping implements strict quality guidelines.  Asks the online retailers to maintain a standard of sales.

What does Google need Product Optimization?

Well, Google is very demanding so if you want to be on the top, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of Google. The product data should be such that describes your product, features, and anything that a potential customer likes to know. Plus, the product images should be quality ones and if it doesn’t meet the quality standards, Google removes your products from Google shopping. You might find it difficult to understand the specifications of Google shopping but it is what matters to have your products effectively listed.

So it doesn’t make any sense to lose what you can achieve with just a little effort. Offer high-quality product images and show only what the product has actually rather than showing fluff. If you do, nothing but negative feedback will come your way. Accurate imagery works together to appeal to customers and when people find every attribute in your product they are looking for, chances of your sales getting hugely boosted up. Stores that have not optimized for Google shopping are less noticeable and so as their sales.

Google Shopping Product Ads

Around 80 million searches are performing on Google about online stores. So the owners must focus on getting their site perfectly optimized to drive more sales. Then they gain returning customers due to the quality they offer.

Creating low-quality images ultimately leads to no sales at all!! Do you really want to get kicked out from Google shopping?