Clicking the interior and architectural photos is one of the most entertaining things as it gives you the liberty to use your creativity. It takes a lot to identify the hidden features of a building and only a photographer with creative skills can do it. With appropriate skills and expertise, you can pull off this genre pretty well. Tons of pictures are uploaded on the internet every day and they all are highly beautiful and of premium quality. While looking at them, we always think about the photographer who has clicked that particular shot. Don’t we?

There is a lot of hard work involved in photographing a particular scene and to get the award-winning shots, you have to stand out from the established photographers. Architectural and interior photography is technical because various angles are involved in the whole concept and it takes a lot of time to capture that one winning shot. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get perfect interior shots:

Use your eyes

Before using the camera, use your eyes to see where the object is and what you want to click. Since interior and architectural photography needs your full attention, make sure to analyze the smallest parts of the interiors. Visit different buildings to get an idea of the places you can capture in your camera. Conduct thorough research of the photos on the internet shot by various photographers. Of course, you need some exceptional clicks to get noticed by people so here is a golden opportunity. Get complete insight into the place before you start shooting. Have a detailed look at all the tiny places which can make your shot completely outstanding which no other photographer has even thought of.

In photography, you have to give something unique to the audience and a nice feel of the place. However, look around and see what you can do to make the pictures look stunning.

Weather plays a major role

The pictures never come out to be good in the extreme weather. To use the weather to the best advantage, study the forecast and then arrange the setup. Talking about the building you are going to shoot in and out, it’s best to capture when the sky is blue with an orange tint. It automatically lifts the whole mood and enhances the shot without even using a filter or texture. To intensify the architecture and interior photography, weather plays a major role. For example, you want to capture a historic building and the weather is cloudy. In that scenario, the picture will look quite ordinary so make sure to shoot when there is a sunny day but not too bright. Images look gorgeous when shot in the warmth of the sun and deep blue skies which instantly amplifies the overall appearance.

Keep the buildings inline

Since the buildings are tall and straight, make sure that the pictures you capture are in line. While photographing, you have to check the images look straight and there is no bend in it. If it is, the image will look bad to the eyes and on top of that, will look artificial. Be focused on the subject and click the images accordingly.

Tools are necessary

Tools remain the first requirement of photography. To capture unique shots, tools and equipment cannot be avoided for any kind of photography. When it comes to interior and architectural photography, you need upgraded tools to click straight and sharp shots. For stable pictures, a tripod is very much important as it controls shaky hands and gives better shots. Plus, when you click using a tripod, it is easy to make the settings like sharpness, contrast, brightness, and exposure with both hands while putting the camera on a tripod. To have a good view of the captured picture, a tripod is helpful as you can use both your hands and make the changes, if necessary.

Lighting for Interior Photography

To capture the best interior and architectural pictures, lighting is another important factor. You can never get stunning shots in dark or dull lighting. However, it is important to put special emphasis on the lighting part because good lighting can enhance a picture in many different ways. Suppose, you are shooting in a dark place where there is no electricity, having a proper lighting setup with reflectors and casting light gives absolutely gorgeous shots. On the other hand, lighting enhances the color, quality, vibrancy, texture, brightness, and exposure of the images. When a photographer has to click interior pictures, he should be very attentive about the lighting in order to get the best images ever.

The basic rule to get beautiful shots is working on the lighting and tweaking the settings according to the need of the hour. Whether it is wedding photography, baby photography, or interior photography, there is nothing appealing without proper lighting.


By following these steps, you can achieve ultimate success in your photography career graph. All you need to do is implement these tips and tricks and see how you manage to get the best interior shots. To turn everyone’s heads towards the pictures you click, it is mandatory to believe in yourself. If you have just started with this profession, the best would be to follow the renowned photographers in the industry and see the uniqueness in their work. If possible, you can even take classes from them to teach you how to capture the tiny details of a particular place. You might have seen some pictures which speak a thousand words and to click such shots, one has to have a creative eye.

To let your creative juices flow, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Other than that, the well-established can be your source of inspiration that you can look up to. Simply follow their social media pages and try to find that exceptional factor that keeps the audience hooked.

So that’s all for today! Challenge yourself and get stupendous interior and architectural shots. Become a successful interior photographer with good practice.