Optimize your Product Images for Google to Find You

Getting Google’s attention is the primary thing which every online business owner craves for. For that, you need to optimize your website, work on the bounce rate, check the Meta tags, descriptions, manage the page rankings, and much more. There is a lot to do if you want to grab the attention of this giant search engine i.e. Google. Owning an eCommerce portal is what everyone can do but fulfilling the requirements of Google is not everyone’s cup of tea. To come in notice, the product images on the site must be optimized other than these above mentioned activities. Would you like getting rolled out by Google with time? Of course, not! However, to stay ahead of the competition, follow these steps and optimize the product images properly which never go unnoticed.

Since your competitors are always ahead of you, never underestimate them and buck up with your optimizing strategy. So what can you do? Well, go for paid Google shopping advertisements to immediately get the desired attention.

Product image optimization

Google shopping is fun and to take things ahead, place the products you want to sell in the product feed in the category pages. This way, the viewers find it easy to narrow down their choices and get everything in detail. When you are placing the products in Google, it gives you the option to get in the top results. Google never wants to spam you out so to avail its services, you should display the products according to how it asks you to.

Here are Google’s image optimization guidelines which you definitely should follow for best results.

  • Never write text on the product images
  • 250×250 pixels is the recommended size of each image
  • Logos, symbols or watermarks on the images should be avoided
  • Simple images are recommended without any borders
  • Avoid dark backgrounds

These are few indicators every online business owner should follow to stay aloft the competition. Not only will it bring more visitors, but also drive more sales to help you earn better revenues. Failing to comply with these rules might push you out of internet. Once you have clicked the images, it’s the time to edit them in the processing phase after following the guidelines. Google is smart and one can never cheat it in any sense. Quality is the major benchmark set by Google so make sure not to serve bad images.

Improve Image Quality

  • Click the product against white background
  • Put special emphasis on lighting to offer clear view to the viewers
  • Add zoom in view of the products as it leads to better sales
  • Scaling is important so cover 85% of the frame with the product itself
  • Avoid noisy, blurry, and hazy pictures as it leaves a bad impact on the viewers


To get Google’s attention, product images hold a significant place as it also helps in boosting your sales. In order to earn good revenues, product images should be correctly aligned, cropped and adjusted according to the website’s design.

Google Merchant Account

Google merchant account is a place where product data is uploaded after creating your account. This account is helpful for shopping campaigns that further drive sales. Since thousands of users visit your website with Google location based technology, it becomes easy to bring more sales.

Optimize Google Data Feed

Google needs the product information which is called Data Feed. Basically, this is the basic information of the product which is mandatory to upload while submitting the product.

Submitting the information i.e. title, description, product category, image link, price, availability date, conditions, sale price, ID, and mobile link etc. is essential. Plus, you can also add size, gender or extra information, if required. Add as much information as you can because Google and viewers want to know everything in detail.

Add Data Feed

Now when you are all set to get listed, add data feed. For that, press Data Feed button once you are done with optimizing. Always make sure to add the items which are in stock as Google only displays those products and not the out of stock items.

When you add data feeds, use test mode as it helps in removing all the wrong information you might have provided. Being descriptive while adding feeds is beneficial as it organizes the data well and also there is an option to add new products and target country as well in the feed type option. In whichever country you want to sell your products, set that country as target country.

Input Method

Maintaining your listings is possible with Google as it offers input method. Keep a record in the Google sheets of your listings added in Google. Other than that, regular uploads and scheduled fetches are there to give proper access.

Feed Setup

Depending on the type of input method, you can organize the information. If in case, you have created scheduled fetches, it is important to add name, URL, frequency, fetch time, password, and other information to protect the data.

You can see the information in the Feeds page now.

Shopping Campaigns

Adwords is quite an important feature of Google using which one can set the most searched and low competition keywords. Adwords requires you to set a bid for few search terms and when you set the advertisement, you will be charged when someone clicks on your ad. You should definitely create an account if you don’t have any. Shopping campaigns are automatically created when you create Adwords account. Ad management is properly done with Adwords account.

Now it is the time to link Google merchant and Adwords account before you set up any campaign. For that:

  • Open the merchant account
  • Click on Adwords in the left menu
  • Press link button

Time to Create Shopping Campaign

Let’s do it! Create a shopping campaign, specify the target customers, and add the money to create an ad campaign. Shopping campaigns have amazing benefits, check out here:

  • Product photos are visually appealing and they leave a good impact on the minds of viewers. It also draws the attention of customers and paid campaigns increase the chances of sales
  • Since all the information is added for every product in the ad, selling chances are better
  • One ad is displayed for one search and there is no chance that irrelevant product is shown to the user

It totally depends on you whether you want to use Adwords account or merchant account. For your information, it would be great if you make the basic settings in merchant account and add shopping campaigns in Adwords account. Things are seamless when both the accounts are differently managed to organize the whole structure. Since merchant account only gives you access to work on basic parameters, creating campaigns is better to manage in Ad-words account. To create ad campaigns:

Go to Campaigns>+Campaign and select shopping from the pull out menu. Next, to make the ad appear in Google maps or YouTube, push it for Google search partners.

Talking next, there is an option to create ad groups in order to separate the categories. For an example, if you own a footwear eCommerce store, you can make sub categories like sports shoes, sneakers, flats, ballerinas, heels, stilettos, men shoes, kids’ shoes, flip flops and much more etc.

Be up-to-date

Stay updated with Google because Google likes up to date web pages. As the robots crawls the pages regularly, it is essential to make the web pages synchronized. Keep the workflow organized whole keeping a check on the data feed. Google continuously checks what you are doing so don’t try to fool it. Don’t act over smart or else you will be punished.

Getting results might take some time but being honest will drive good results sooner or later. Add as many products as you want in Google shopping but only the quality and in stock products.

Check the reporting tool as it will help fetching the data from your own website for Google to analyse. People follow you when you have something unique to offer with exceptional strategies. Be exceptional if you want everyone to notice you.

That’s all! Google shopping is a fun experience for everyone if you make it so. Never go out of focus when it comes to design beautiful product images. Make sure to do it properly if you want to see your business growing by leaps and bounds. Once Google starts noticing you, it will be much easier to drive more sales but with the help of effective images.

Simply optimize the product images and you are all set to rock. This tutorial will definitely help you in making the whole process a lot easier than you ever think of. Do whatever you want to do to m make your online website look absolutely stunning and gorgeous. It takes your efforts, time and money, after all it is your website. Happy optimization!