As part of this blog post, I will show you three methods for selecting the color from images and color-changing or Color Replacement images in photoshop of your picture.

You will probably need to change the color in photoshop of an object when you are editing it.

If you would like to see what your car would look like in a different color. Or you can wear the shirt that someone is wearing.

No matter what the reason is, you will need to know how to color change of something in photoshop.

If you have a good image to work with, this process is not very difficult.

Table of contents

1: photoshop replace color Tool

2: Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

3:Hue/Saturation (On-image Adjustment Tool

Photoshop Color Replacement Tool

In this Tutorial, the Photoshop Color Replacement tool lets you easily Replace the color of an object in a picture without a lot of trouble or hassle, and we will learn all about it in this Photoshop lesson.

The ‘Color Replacement Tool‘ however, is not the best professional tool that you can use in Photoshop to change the color since it is a destructive tool.

It is an easy tool to use and understand and also works well for simple projects. If you are a starter, it is worth giving it a try before moving on to more advanced and time-consuming methods.

Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

We can use the “Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer” to change the color of an object by making a mask around the photo or object. After that, you can adjust the hue by clicking on the colorize checkbox.

Hue/Saturation (On-image Adjustment Tool)

You can change the color of the image by selecting the On-image adjustment tool from the Properties panel.

If you want to increase or reduce the saturation of the color range, which includes the pixel you clicked, hold Ctrl (Mac: command) to change the hue.

Image used:

Final color change Image

color changing images

color changing images