Are you interested in knowing the average cost of outsourcing photo editing for branding purposes? We can assist you in estimating the total editing cost, along with factors that may increase charges. We can also suggest effective methods to reduce costs. High-quality images are crucial for digital marketing success. Hiring a professional image editor is essential for improving conversions and boosting sales.

The average cost of photo editors is around $66,161 per year, but outsourcing work to freelancers from developing countries can be more cost-effective. Rates on freelance platforms typically range from $0.29 to $10 per image, depending on job complexity and freelancer skills. It’s important to consider various factors that may affect costs on freelancing platforms. Understanding these factors can help you determine the best editing price for your project.

Factors Determining the Charges of Image Editing :

Various factors determine the cost of photo editing. The project rate can vary greatly on the contract period, skill level, payment method, and the outsourcing platforms, etc. let us discuss each factor that helps determine the Budget of the outsourcing job.

Photo editing Skill Level:

The outsourcing person’s skill level is the first factor that determines the cost of the services. Because your whole digital marketing relies on the quality of the image. Therefore, you would always require a skilled freelancer who has already done such tasks and knows how to generate sales. The more skillful the person, the more he/she will charge you. But, this is not the complete side of the story. Instead, many professionals on different freelancing platforms provide exceptional services at a very reasonable price. All you have to do a little hard work to find such freelancers.

However, a skilled person costs more. But he knows his job well and can edit photos in such a way to generate more sales and, hence, more profit. So, it will be worth spending on some skilled person instead of some newbie in the field for a low cost.

Image Editing Outsourcing Platform:

The package also depends on the outsourcing platform you choose. If you avail yourself of outsourcing services from some agency, it will most probably cost you a lot. However, hiring someone from a freelancing platform will dramatically reduce the budget. Apart from these freelancing platforms, you can also hire from social media platforms at a very affordable price.

There are many freelancing groups on social media where you can post jobs and outsource quality work. These media platforms are very cheap and reasonable. Besides, social media services are cheaper, but there is always a risk of investment. As you are not bound in agreement on such platforms, there are chances of deal disclosure. However, if you lack a budget, taking that risk will be beneficial for you somehow.

Photo editing Working Tools:

Photo editing tools are another crucial factor that determines the cost of your project. High-quality hardware and software tools can increase your project cost in different ways. In the first scenario, if the outsourcing agency is using paid tools for editing, they will most probably charge you more. In another scenario, the professionals working in some special tools cost more than those working in inferior tools. For example, both Photoshop and Canvas are used for editing purposes.

However, Photoshop Expert will cost you more as it is an advanced and more professional tool. Furthermore, if you are also availing of clicking services along with editing services. In that case, an agency with a high-resolution camera will cost more than an agency with a low-resolution camera. Select the services depending on your resolution requirements.

Image Complexity:

Task complexity is another factor that adds to the cost of your project. If your task is complex or difficult, you probably have to pay more. Besides, if you have an easy task or expect average results, your cost will be less. The type of task also changes the agency’s fee. If you want some simple background removal, then you have to pay less.

However, if you wish to remove the background along with a new image background, the agency will charge you more. Task complexity can also vary depending on the type of product you want to edit. However, sometimes, these simple-looking tasks are more complex than our imagination due to slight hurdles. So, outsourcing photo editing services will cost you more in that scenario.

Deadline Criteria:

Deadline criteria are another factor that can change the rates of product photography. If you want to follow strict guidelines, the Photoshop expert will charge you more than usual rates in that condition. Therefore, try to make a flexible deadline for cheap photo editing services. You can use deadlines when you need these editing services on an urgent basis. Many freelancers will assist you with deadlines for a few hours/days, depending on your demands. However, these strict deadlines always come at some expense of money.

Project Length:

The project length is another exciting factor that calculates the fee of your project. The longer the task, the lesser the price. Therefore, if you have a very long job, there are chances that outsourcing agencies will offer you a fee concession and save you money. Hence, if you have a huge stack of photos for editing, try to bargain with vendors for a discount. Persuade them to charge less per image or project. In short, you can end up paying less to these agencies for a large amount of work with good bargaining.

How Payment Methods Affect the Budget?

Apart from the above methods, your payment method plays an essential role in calculating your task’s worth. Choosing the right payment method is compulsory for cheap photo editing. Therefore, you must consider which payment method will be best for you before buying a service. Do you want to know which payment method is best in which scenarios? If yes, then we can help you with the best payment methods for your job. Here, we will discuss the three payment methods and the use cases, pros, and cons of each. So, keep reading for better insight about the payment methods.

Project Basis Payment:

In this model, you deal with the freelancer at a fixed price for the whole project, regardless of timeline or weekly milestones. Under any circumstances, the employee has to complete and submit work before the deadline. Furthermore, you can also deal on a per-photo basis instead of the whole project. This method has a fixed budget and will significantly suit you if you can’t afford surprises in payment. Furthermore, this method is suitable for short-term projects. However, it is not beneficial for ongoing jobs. Pros:

  • No monitoring involved
  • No security problems
  • Fix Budget
  • Steady paychecks
  • Pay only for work


  • Futile for varying complexity task
  • More stressful
  • No change in requirements
  • Monthly Basis Payment:

You can buy a monthly or yearly plan from the vendor and assign any task under the specification criteria in this plan. The agency or employee does all the assignments related to clients’ specifications and is paid monthly. This type of payment method is very beneficial for long-term projects. Because you outsource product photo editing services from the agency for a more extended period. Vendors provide many fee concessions considering you a permanent or long-term client. Pros:

  • Long term contract
  • Fee concession
  • Easy Workflow
  • Trust building
  • Assign any project


  • Contract Binding
  • Payment, regardless of work
  • No workload decided
  • Hourly Basis Payment:

In this type, you pay the freelancers depending on the number of work hours. You decide the pricing with the freelancer on an hourly basis and pay him based on the hours he/she worked for you. The employee completes the task and sends the timesheet to the client for payment. Besides, you can also monitor the screen of the worker in this hourly payment model. Moreover, another significant edge of this model is that you can change priorities during the project. In short, this model is handy for projects with varying complexity. Pros:

  • High flexibility
  • Manage Varying complexity tasks
  • Monitoring available
  • No work limit
  • Varying job scope


  • Unpredictable pricing
  • Privacy Issues
  • Strict Working Hours

How do Editing Requirements Affect the Budget?

Let us discuss the budgeting criteria depending on your photo editing needs and requirements. Expenses can significantly vary depending on the sharpness of your pictures and the retouching quality you want. Let us see the impact of these factors on the Budget.

  • Type of Photo:

The rate can dramatically vary depending on the type of image you want to retouch and edit. A sharp-edge image costs more than a smooth edge, as you need a reliable photo editor for sharp edges.

  • Nature of Photo Editing:

The rate can also differ depending on the nature of editing you want. If you want simple background removal, you will be charged less. However, if you want a new background or some other effects, they will charge you more.

How to Evaluate Photo Editing Service?

Let us discuss how you can evaluate the photo editor. We know that photo editors’ rates vary widely. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to learn techniques to evaluate your employee. Because if you can’t audit your employees, you might be at a loss. Do you also want to know how to evaluate the outsource photo editing? If yes, read the three points below that our experts have shortlisted for your proper evaluation of work.

  • Work Quality:

First, you should determine the work quality of your employee. If the quality is good as per your standard, it means you are working with a reliable photo editor. In this case, you are in a good position because an expert knows how to generate sales from the image, and it is worth your cost. Sometimes, the companies/freelancers might overcharge you with a high budget, providing low work quality. In this scenario, you should remind the agency about work quality. If the condition is worse, you should rip off the contract and find a new one for the job.

  • Ethics:

Apart from work quality, company ethics matters a lot. Therefore, you should always observe the company’s ethics. Furthermore, you should also consider their professionalism and sustainable business practices for proper evaluation. You can observe ethics and professionalism from deadlines, whether they follow it strictly or not.

Anyway you can also check ethics for their role in the world economy and goodness. If the company donates to world’s problems, you should work with such an organization/agency. Further, take care that the agency you are working with isn’t involved in criminal activities like human smuggling, terrorism, drugs, or any other illegal activity.

  • Communication Skills:

The communication skills of the agency are also beneficial in evaluating the budgeting criteria. If the employee responds on time, clear queries follow your suggestions, etc. Then you are paying for goods. However, an employee with lousy behavior sucks, and you cannot work efficiently with him/her. Therefore, you should always choose a responsive photographer because he/she will make your life easier. Otherwise, you have to mess with him/her for different tasks that might panic you.

The Bottom line:

Professional photo editing is the first step to boosting digital marketing. However, a professional editor costs a lot. Therefore, you should try to avail some affordable services from some outsource agency or freelancing platforms. However, it often becomes difficult to calculate the cost of outsourcing services. But, don’t worry! You can check the above guide to calculate freelancers’ costs and different ways to save this cost.

Furthermore, you can see the payment methods above and check which suits your demands. Apart, you can also evaluate the worker from the above instructions. That is all from today’s article. If you still have any queries in calculating the cost of photo editing, feel free to contact us. Reminder! Don’t forget to follow the above instructions before hiring a freelance/outsource agency for your editing project.