How to Change Photo Background?

You wish to play around with your images when shooting photos, such as change photo background. The first step is changing the background to white before dropping in a new image. A photo with a lot of backgrounds requires cleaning before you can drop in a new background.
change photo background

You can then select the pen tool and path option, this will help you to be accurate in your selection.

image background change

Now you can zoom in your image to your preferred magnification and while keeping enough details. By starting at one of the edges, left-click and keep working around the edges of your image.

 photo background change

This is how your image should look when you have selected the whole domain and before closing the selection by clicking the first selection point.

change photo background

Change the Background after selection completed

Clicking the first selection means you have closed the loop and made your selection. After clicking the selection points will vanish and will be left with a thin and almost invisible line, you should then use the rectangular marquee tool and right-click anywhere inside the image, and make a selection.


change background color of photo

When choosing the background color avoid using the same image as it fades it white often gives better results.

change background on photo

Pressing the “Delete” button will give you an option for background color then select white. It should appear as such

change background of photo

Now that you have removed the background from an image and needed a photo background use the marquee selection tool and hold down the shift key so that you select the whole white background. Ensure your dimensions are correct so as to fit correctly so as to avoid re-sizing later.


 change background in photo


You can then select the new image and press control A selecting the entire image then press control-C to copy it. Finally, paste the copied image into the background, and should look something like this.


change Image baackground


You can make adjustments to your liking and remove the remaining shade at the edges of the previously selected background.