An image is an external semblance or impression. In this context, an image refers to a picture or a photo of a person, object or a thing. To mask means to preserve, cover up, retain or protect an object or a part of it.

Photoshop Image Masking

Image masking is a process of preserving a part of an image from being tampered with during an operation. Areas that are not masked are either removed by cutting or clipping out to separate the image from its background. Adobe Photoshop provides tools for demarcating the outline around the image to be masked. Image masking comprises a set of processes that must be performed systematically for the best image output.

More About Image Masking Service

Image masking operations can be of three major types namely; layering, clipping and alpha channel masking. Image layering makes it possible to conceal some portion of an image and reveal others as you wish.   You can also manipulate the opacity and visibility of the image. Clipping masks use a layer to determine opacity and visibility of other layers in the image. Alpha channel masking is more sophisticated because it can be used for masking out specific areas such as furry clothes, stray hair strands affecting a part of an image. In a nutshell; image masking makes it possible for sophisticated changes to be made to an image to enhance its quality.

Image Masking using for Remove Image Background

It allows for replacement or swapping of an image with another. Transferring an image to a different background theme is also possible. Image size can also be enlarged or reduced depending on client specifications. The main idea here is to improve the quality of the image. Background color and anomalies in the image can also be corrected or modified to client taste. Image editing can also be done as part of the process. This involves Image cropping, making adjustments to image contrast to achieve the required effect. If a part of the image background is blurred or has a visible deformity that interferes with the overall image quality, then masking becomes absolutely necessary.

Clipping Path services

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