There is no denying to the fact that Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used image-editing software. There are various professionals including graphic designers, photographers, animators who take help from this software. There are plenty of tools that help in making different kinds of edits and creating the designs. However, clipping path is one of the major techniques used in PS and it is operated with the help of pen tool.

Clipping Path

Basically, clipping path is a basic image background removal process which is done with the help of pen tool. The tool is used to cut the image, remove or replace the background. The target object is cut from the image and placed at more suitable background or wherever needed. Clipping Path techniques are most needed by the photographers where they need to cut the object from one background and placed on other background to highlight the object even more.

Application Areas of Photoshop Clipping Path

Clipping path techniques have helped many professionals. The designing world has been actively entering in many major professions. Here are the application areas where clipping path has been contributing immensely-

Clipping Path for Background Removal:

As we have repeatedly mentioned, clipping path helps in removal of the background. You can easily cut the image, slice it and take out the target object. It will give you the free-will to place the object wherever you want. This technique is commonly used for eCommerce products. The images become much more attractive when the products are placed on relatively presentable background.

Remove The Background

Clipping Path Service for Garment Industry:

The garment industry needs clipping path quite a lot. Most of the times when you see the images of models in various locations, modelling for the garment brands those images are created with the help of clipping path techniques. The pictures are clicked in the studios and then they are cut with the clipping path techniques and placed on different backgrounds. Other than that, the garments imagery in eCommerce is also polished through these techniques. Any wanted part from these images is abolished and a flawless image is uploaded i.e. if there is any stain on the cloth or there is a flying thread coming out of the cloth piece, it can easily be removed with these techniques.

Garment Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path Color Correction:

The color correction techniques in Photoshop allow you to do advanced color correction in any image. The technique is commonly known as multiple clipping paths that allow you to select each color separately and make necessary color amendments.  

Color Clipping Path

Clipping Path for Web Image Optimization:

The web has become more severe about the images that are uploaded online. They have to be web optimized. With the help of clipping path in Photoshop, the images can be cropped easily with its consisting padding. The size is significant for the image to be used online. A perfectly optimized image can bring better results than a non-optimized image.

Web Image Optimization

For Electronics, Toys, Ornaments Products Photo Editing:

Any product that is sold online must have best images. The product images are the ones that bring sales. That is why it is crucial to consider the presentation of the image. Different images in various sizes are uploaded for each product. To create different views of the product, clipping path techniques are used. They sets the color right and make the product look clearer. All kinds of flaws from the image are removed. Also, these images work best for the promotion purposes.

Internet requires best of the images because the standards are higher than ever. Try clipping path techniques and multiply the prospects of sales.