Top notch images will go a long way in selling your real estate properties. Real estate photo retouching services offer professional assistance to produce these top class images. Beware of misleading or false information in your photos since they can hurt your sales and reputation. The real estate photos usually have two distinctions; permanent and non-permanent fixtures. Permanent fixtures have to be preserved and cannot be removed from the picture without written consent that the fixture has been removed physically. Non-permanent fixtures can be removed provided they do not affect the photo by misappropriating information. Here are some tips that every real estate company can use in their photo enhancement efforts;


If the lawn was mowed two weeks ago but now looks shabby, it can be retouched and cleaned up. However, if there is a barren dirt patch, you are not allowed to edit it unless there is an assurance that it will re-turfed. This is an example of a permanent fixture that needs confirmation before editing. If the grass is yellowing due to hot and dry weather, but a little watering turns it back to green, you can retouch the grass and give it a greener shade.

Swimming pools

Even though the pool might be empty, you can add water in the editing phase. It won’t be detrimental to your description since filling the pool physically will produce the same result. You should also remove any leaves or floating objects on the water, and you can clean up the surrounding area. In short, present the swimming pool as it would look on its best day.

Power lines

Power lines are a good example of permanent fixtures that should not be removed in a real estate photo. There is no guarantee that the local authority will remove those power lines, so it’s best not to mislead customers. On the contrary, the black and yellow reflective strips used when mounting power lines or cutting trees can be removed since they are non-permanent fixtures.

Washing lines

Washing lines that are cemented in place cannot be removed from the photo. Unless there is written confirmation of the removal, you should not mask the washing lines. If the washing lines are not permanent, you can Photoshop them out.

General dirt and mess

Both internal and external dirt on walls, floors, windows, and other surfaces can be retouched if cleaning services can improve them. Clutter can also be removed from the photo. It is, however, easier to clean and style the property before taking photographs. Some real estate agents use drones to capture overhead shots. This can capture the neighbor’s property as well, and any temporary mess (children’s toys and such) can be removed.

Internal fixtures and furniture

A temporary fixture like plug sockets can be removed from the photo. You can also hide them with furniture. Some countries have banned photos that show flames in bedrooms such as fireplaces and lit candles. These should be removed from photos. As for furniture, you can virtually stage them to improve the empty rooms. There is no need to hire furniture to stage these scenes because the professional image editors can add furniture like fridges, sofas, and wall stand into the photo.