Graphic design today is heavily reliant on the clipping path technique that has sparked a revolution in image and photo design.  In the past, you couldn’t alter the image without cutting pixels and distorting the original image. Clipping path allows you to remove objects and image backgrounds without pixelation. Adobe Photoshop is widely used for image editing and has enough features to warrant its popularity. It is more popular than other software e.g. Corel Photo-Paint and GIMP and clipping path services are mostly done using the pen tool in Photoshop.

Background editing

Background editing

Clipping path technique is mainly used for background removal or editing although this is not the only purpose it serves. An object on the picture can be cut out using clipping path and separated from the background. Unlike masking tools like the Magic Wand and Magic Eraser in Photoshop, the probability of smudging the object edges is very low.  Background editing is crucial for online web stores since image presentation converts page views to sales. eCommerce websites also have their own requirements for product images like Amazon which requires a plain white background.

Product images

Product images Editing

Still on eCommerce image requirements, eBay and Google Shopping also recommend light colored backgrounds for product images. Google Shopping allows white, grey or any light colored images while eBay allows only white or light colored plain background. The idea behind white or light background for product images is to make the product more visible. It has been proven that high quality images with a plain clear background have a 5% higher chance of converting to a sale. Clipping path can therefore greatly improve your online product sales.

Graphic design companies

clipping Path King

Graphic design companies are the grease that keeps the multimedia machine going. Clipping path services offered by these companies are beneficial to multiple industries including marketing, catalogs, advertisement agencies, magazines, media companies, photography, studios and other printing industries. The demand for expert image editing services is on the rise and Photoshop remains the best software to keep up with the competition. Image editing is also more affordable than it was a few years back thus offering a better return on investment.

Refreshing images

photo restoration service

Image editing started out as a concept to refresh images that have been damaged over time. Photographs hold intimate memories that mark certain ceremonies and occasions celebrated with family and friends. The photographs have sentimental value and no one can put a price on the emotional aspect of family photographs. However, nothing lasts forever and no photograph can last a lifetime. Time itself leaves the photograph to disintegrate not to mention discoloration from sunlight and UV rays. Restoring the image to its original form calls for image editing which can be sourced from a graphic design company. Using the clipping path can help to edit or remove the image background which can’t be done with other tools. It adds a special touch to refresh images to their original state before the damage set in. This proves that clipping path is a necessity in today’s world.