Using mannequins for product photographs is an efficient way of advertising your products. The best mannequins help your products maintain their shape, making product photos more consistent and improving their appeal to customers.

Invisible ghost Mannequins indeed grab customers’ attention. I am drawn to mannequin or ghost mannequin product photos whenever I shop online.

However, mannequins can be distracting, so an alternative is to create a ghost mannequin effect for your product photographs. Wondering what invisible ghost mannequin photography is? Keep reading this article to learn about it.

What Is the Ghost Mannequin Effect in Photography?

Ghost Mannequin Photography or Effect is a unique type of product photography that removes the mannequin during post-production and focuses on apparel. Mannequins are commonly used in the photography of fashion products.

A mannequin helps in understanding the actual size and shape of a dress. However, the mannequin does not look well with the clothing in the final picture.

The image seems to have a mannequin, even though it does not because the editor removed the mannequin. As a result, the image looks refined and tidy.

This method of turning the mannequin invisible is called “ghost mannequin photography or effect.” In this way, photographers can capture the dress’s true quality while maintaining high photographic quality.

The Steps of Doing Invisible Ghost Mannequin Photography


Unlike other types of product photography, invisible ghost mannequin photography is slightly different. To shoot ghost mannequin products, you must follow the following steps:

Step 1: The Tools to Take Photographs of Your Clothing

ghost manneuinin photography tips

To take photographs with an invisible mannequin, you will need some tools, such as:

Ghost Mannequin

ghost manneuinin

By removing every component separately, any modular mannequin with a detachable chest and arms can be used to take photos of products that are invisible.


Any camera will do. However, professional product photography recommends the Canon EOS 5D Mk III.

canon camera

Lighting for A Studio

ghost manneuinin photography tips

To maintain consistency in exposure, shadows, and contrast, a constant source of LED bulbs is advised for lighting.

Your clothing


Jackets, shirts, blazers, coats, and dresses are clothing items for ghost mannequin photography.

Tools for Styling

Tools for setting

People use many tools, including pins, clips, tissue paper, tape, and more, to make the clothing fit more compactly.

Step 2: Camera Settings for Product Photography Using A Ghost Mannequin

camera setting for photography

Using the wrong camera settings can derail your plan for using ghost mannequins in product photography. Therefore, it is crucial to set up the camera correctly. With the proper positioning and settings, any camera can provide beautiful images of clothing.

You can modify the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO individually in the camera’s manual mode. On the other hand, you can change the settings before taking images based on the weather and your requirements.

When photographing clothing, keep the ISO low. Increasing the ISO will give extra light to your product image and make it excellent if you shoot in low light.

You should maintain the aperture while taking pictures of products. Additionally, keep your shutter speed slow.

Step 3: Right Mannequin Selection for Your Clothes

suitable mannequinin for cloth

There are several sizes and designs of ghost mannequins available. If you do not select the appropriate mannequin, your clothing will not fit properly. So make sure you have numerous mannequins available before shooting.

Following your selection of the ideal mannequin, organize your clothing in logical shooting order, grouping the products that will fit so you will not have to keep switching mannequins and outfits. By saving so much time and effort, you can spend it on styling.

Step 4: Prepare The Mannequin

Make sure the mannequin is dressed perfectly by choosing clothes that fit the figure. To ensure the seams are correctly aligned, you can modify the shoulders.

Ensure the fabric is not stretched out by taking your time. It is suddenly entirely visible as if an invisible person were wearing the lining.

Step 5: Style Your Garment

Use style pins to tighten up the back panel of your clothing if it does not fit tightly. However, arrange the dress on the mannequin and spend some time making sure the outfit fits perfectly.


If the outfit is wrinkled, you will not be able to take the best photograph. Therefore, ensure that there are no creases.


Step 6: Take Pictures of Your Cloth

Now it is time to shoot everything that has been set up. Take some front and back pictures.

As you place the back collar separately during post-processing, take clear images of it. Examine the photos to see if the lighting and color are perfect after shooting.

Steps in Post-Processing

After successfully taking photos, it is time to stitch the images together to get the ghost mannequin effect. To perform it correctly, take the following steps:

Step 1: In Photoshop, Create Layers

Open Photoshop and look for the photos of the mannequin and foam board. To create a new background with a white fill, select the mannequin picture, and use it as a template. It will serve as a background for the final image. Keep in mind to identify each layer so you can distinguish them separately.

Step 2: Choose The Product from The Mannequin Image

Take the clothing off the mannequin by using a selecting tool. It will be simple if you place your products on a white background. To fully separate the product from the background, zoom in close.

Step 3: Refine The Mask

After making your product choice, polish the mask to achieve an excellent outcome. The garment should be free of the background and mannequin.

From the “Select” menu, select the “Refine Edge” tool. You can see the clothing layer floating freely by placing a mask over it.

Step 4: Use The Foam Board Image to Go Over And Over Again The Same Steps

Repeat steps 1 to 3 using the foam board product image this time. Applying it to various images will seem strange, but doing so is crucial to giving the impression that an invisible mannequin is wearing a product. Once more, make a layer, pick the outfit, and edit or make the mask.

Step 5: Merge The Photographs

Pull the foam board layer over the product image of the mannequin when the masks for the mannequin and the foam board image are neat. Place the mannequin image under the foam board image. To ensure that the proportions are accurate, modify the layers accordingly.

Step 6: Foam Board Layer Cleaning

There must be some foam board layer sections in the final image that are not visible. Keep the triangles at the neckline between the shoulders and sweep away the extra material.

Always ensure that the layers are neat and that no extraneous pieces are poking. The neck and shoulder regions must be correctly aligned to get a nice picture.

Step 7: Saving After Attaching Shadows

Shadows may add depth to a photograph. Add a shadow between the two layers, then save a copy of the entire Photoshop file. After making the layers file’s copy, you can either flatten or combine the layers before saving it as a separate file.

A well-executed outcome will look more professional and believable. You can use the image to promote your products since it will have the desired 3D effect of a ghost mannequin.

post production of ghost mannequinin service

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Service Cost of Ghost Mannequin Photography?

It relies on several factors, like the quantity of the type of file, angles, photographs, etc. However, one image costs only 30 dollars. You will pay more if you want your order delivered more quickly.

  1. When Photographing Ghost Mannequins, Can I Use A Model?

Yes, you can use a model to do ghost mannequin photography. However, you must ensure the model’s posture and physique are correct to get the best result. Additionally, a model costs more than a mannequin.

  1. Is It Possible to Capture Ghost Mannequins Outside The Studio?

Yes, there are places where you can shoot ghost mannequin photography. But you will have to deal with other issues, like background and light in that situation. You will need other safety measures if the weather is not cooperative.

  1. What Is The Price of Making A Mannequin?

A ghost mannequin can cost from $200 to $1000. The cost mostly depends on the materials used to manufacture them and the accuracy of their construction.

  1. What Material Makes Up The Mannequin?

Mannequins have been constructed from several materials in recent years. They are available in fiberglass or plastic construction. However, since fiberglass is pricey, most business owners select plastic mannequins for mall-based stores.

  1. Can I Make My Ghost Mannequin?

A ghost mannequin is simple to make on your own. The mannequin is your body’s reproduction, which is the most admirable feature. It means that every piece of clothing you design for the mannequin will be a great fit for you.

Final Words

The most popular method of taking photos of flawless clothes is using invisible ghost mannequin photography. Ghost mannequin photography will help you draw in more consumers, whether you want to publish clothing photographs to advertise online or on an e-commerce website.

You may know the invisible ghost mannequin photography’s difficulty if you run a fashion business. Pay attention to the steps stated above to make things simple. Additionally, you should avoid photography-related errors.