Professional Tips and Tricks for Photography With DSLR Camera

Here we will discuss Digital cameras limbs and features/functions related knowledge on the basics of the best photography tips and technique. As the technical settings of the camera’s Auto mode/seen mode are to be left upon the camera, but the important thing is to be decided by Photographers. The proper decision depends on the photographer’s knowledge, preference, interest, fantasy, and experience. Such as composing the photo, distance, angle, position, viewpoint, pose, orientation, background, etc. So, it is difficult to say surely for all cases what is wrong, what is right.


Composition Professional Photography With DSLR Camera

A few things would be thought of for taking shots after selecting subjects for good photography. Such as, the top of the subject, bottom, left, right, how much area will be in the frame, which side will be kept in the background, which space will be placed in the frame for the position of the subject, and so on. Composing photography is a very important thing because after taking a photo, it will edit by graphics programs but most often it is impossible to change the compose settings. Important issues of composing are discussed below:


  1. Position of the subject image For Photography

We are in the middle of the frame is displayed in the viewfinder while the subject is not directly used to take photos from the front. The picture is two-dimensional and flat. Apparently, the focus area is divided into three parts horizontally and vertically before taking the shot.

The subject is placed in the intersection position of lines. In photography, this technique is called the Rule of thirds. In some cases, the picture becomes beautiful if the subject makes a day egonali setting and covers the large subject a small frame.

photography subject image

The subject is placed in the intersection position of lines. In photography, this tips or technique is called the Rule of thirds. In some cases, the picture becomes beautiful if the subject makes a day regional setting and covers the large subject in a small frame.

Position of the subject image


  1. The importance of the subject for Better Photography

We are taking photos intended for any subject (person, animal, and object). So we have to prioritize the subject more than other parts of the photo. It is unnecessary to keep empty space and large background around the subject. As far as possible take pictures from near the background. It is better to take a shot from the nearest side instead of closing up the zoom. If it is not possible to take a shot from the nearest side then use the zoom. See the four corners of the viewfinder focus frame before taking the shot if there’s anything important. If it doesn’t, then close to the subject and make the frame cover with the subject keeping the background small.

importance of the subject


Taking a shot from a long distance the face of the girl doesn’t appear clearly in the left side picture. But taking a shot at the right side from close to the girl is very clean and lively, as well as how much background is understood it, it clearly seems a sea beach.

photography tips


While you will take a picture being attractive for particular feelings, individual’s body component or materials part, then close up the outlook and take the shot with fully frame cover. Special feeling/beauty and intimacy will appear 100 percent.

  1. Select the Better background for Professional Photography

The background to the subject is too bright or no color, which gives the subject overwhelmed. The subject and background of the photo would be present in such a way that the position comes with a three-dimensional effect. Only by increasing the distance between the subject and the background to focus on the subject matter can be lowered by catching backgrounds.

background photo


The unexpected guy and the girl’s head above the left photo in the background photo spoil the beauty of the tree. The photo on the right side to expose the depth of field (amount of in-focus distance) to adjust the focus on a subject that is just the background has been unclear.


  1. Proper Orientation for Photography

Proper Orientation


Usually, the subject or background is based on the length and width of the photo orientation (Horizontal / Vertical). Horizontal and Vertical photos are to decide in some cases may be better for both orientations.


  1. Think Point of view After starting Photoshoot 

photography Point of view

That will take shots from any angle and any side known as viewpoint. Viewpoint photography tips is very important. Viewpoint photos more interesting and three-dimensional can be changed. The background can be changed. Subject or the camera or change the position of both is possible to create a different viewpoint.


  1. Take care about Photography Poses to make photos Better

Photography Poses


The characteristics of the subject in photography, psychic feeling, ambiance, etc. are staunchly posed body. If you can take shots with the subject of the pose “said the photos”.

Photography Poses


  1. Framing Your View of Photography

In other parts of the geometric size of the framing of the subject, image is bound. This increases the attraction of the subject and three-dimensional effects and depths increase the photos.

three-dimensional effects of photography

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