We want to catch the light and fling it on an object and try to record it by the digital system. These types of ambition and we can make real with a Camera. When we will record something with a camera, Then we have to make sure that the recorded photo is clear or not and that will be the angle or exposure is right or wrong. This is the Technology name is Core Technology.

Main Part of a Camera:

  1. Lens, The important part of a camera and the light enters through the lens.
  2. Sensors, which control the intensity of light.
  3. A medium, by which we can see the frame before pressing the shutter.

Types of Camera:

  1. SLR (Single-lens Reflex): It is one of the embryo Camera and at present, it is now as a DSLR
  2. DSLR(Digital Single-lens Reflex)

Some characteristics of SLR Camera on Photography :

  1. The lens can be changed as a necessity.
  2. There is a mirror that makes the subject clear.
  3. Generally, the size of the sensor of this camera is equal to 35 mm film


DSLR diagram and moment of shooting


Part of the DSLR  Camera according to the serial of the diagram:

  1. Lens
  2. Mirror of preview
  3. Focusing Screen
  4. Prism, which makes the change of the direction of light to the audience.
  5. Eyepiece, from where preview should be seen.
  6. Focus plane shutter, it is opened on capturing moment and light is fallen on the sensor.
  7. Sensor
  8. Indicated the direction of light by an arrow.

Point and Shoot Camera:

These types of Cameras are like package programs. That means it has a fixed lens that is unable to change. It has not mirror-like as SLR. These types of cameras capture photos by digital “live view”. Comparably its lens is smaller than DSLR. So its size is small and easy to carry.

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera:

It is called a compact camera and the middle option of point shoot and DSLR. Its lens is a little bit larger than the point shoot camera. It has no mirror-like DSLR so it has no facilities of an optical viewfinder. But you can change the lens according to necessity.

Mirror less Interchangeable Lens Camera

What is a Hybrid Camera:

It is one of the latest creations of modern technology. It has both options of ‘optical viewfinder’ and ‘live view’. There is no mirror but an option to view the frame. Fuji Film X100 or X100s are these types of cameras.

Hybrid Camera

Discussion About The Size of Sensor:

The technical quality of a Photo depends on the size of the sensor. If the sensor size is large the quality of the photo will be good.

  1. The photo will be lucent and approximately near about real which you see directly. The sharp crafts of the light will be clear in the photo.
  2. Noise will be reduced. If we capture any photo we can find some red and blue points on the photo that’s known as noise.
  3. The bright part of the photo will not be whiter and the black part will not be darker.
  4. Every small subject of the photo’s color and contrast will be different.

Photography Tips and Tricks : Good lens can capture good Photos is it true? Chapter-5