Photoshop Teen Tool for Image Background Remove

Remove Image Background is a common needed work for our daily purpose. It’s like Personal photos, online shop products Image editing, and also various needs. For this job generally, we use Photoshop. There are multi options or tools for doing that. But indecision occurs to remove the background of an image using a clipping path or a Quick selection tool. Now Question is which process is better.  There is three options Drawing path with the “pen tool” or “Quick selection tool” to remove background from an image? Now I am trying to describe clipping path service and quick selection tool besides the Photoshop pen tool.

Clipping Path: Generally we use this tool to make the path our wanted part of the image. A Path is very important to do anything on it and great for well-defined edges. we can use it to create a dependent selection to make into a mask or refine. It can be an alternative tool with a quick mask among other tools. It is a popular tool that is almost always used, especially its use for complex backgrounds around the object.



create clipping path

Photoshop Quick selection tool for Remove Image Background

Photoshop Pen tool is use for cutting out make smooth, crisp edges, and the quick selection tool select followed by refining Edge for fuzzy selection like flyaway hair. Generally, clipping path service refers to turning a path into a clipping path for use in older programs such as page makers that don’t support transparency. Such as if you wanted to import a Photo into PageMaker and only have a particular part of the document visible, one would make a path or selection around the image object and turn the path or selection into the clipping path. Then you see the same results in Photoshop using a layer mask or vector mask.

quick selection tool


For these reasons, we can realize why the Quick Selection tool is not extremely recommended in professional Photo editing work. The Clipping Path peen tool is the best to do your project as a professional.