Photoshop has always been wonderful software for the entire photo editing needs like color correction, clipping path, background removal, image manipulation, adding shadows and reflection and much more.

Now the need of the hour is to remove the background from packshot photography that is for few people a tough task but if you get the hang of it, it is not at all challenging. Pictures like strappy sandals, jewellery pieces etc. are hard to remove the background from so in this case, it took hours to do such kind of job. It would be essential to communicate the key requirements of the picture with the photographer so that whenever the need arises to remove the background, you can easily do it. A photographer can do the deed for you that will make a clear distinction between the background and the original image.

Let’s get into action following these steps:

  • Take any product photo in Photoshop. Start with a simple picture with no extra reflection or shadows. If the background is of same color, pick the magic wand tool and select it.
  • Start recording the action. Now make an inversion of the selection by going to Select>Inverse. Now after that, go to Select>Modify>Contract and contract the selection by around 2 pixels. Next, it is the time to smooth the selection and for that, go to Select>Modify>Smooth. Doing this will smoothen the edges of the picture and it depends upon you how many pixels you want to do it for. The last thing to do is Select>Modify>Feather. This option will make a feather selection and give extra smooth look.
  • Now press Ctrl+C to copy the selection and paste it. Doing this will create a duplicate layer on the background layer. Delete the background layer.
  • Now when you have the product extracted from the background, you have to delete the unwanted areas around the image. It is a good step as it will keep the image clean, tidy and smaller in size.
  • Do the cropping by Command+Click on the layer. Navigate to Inage>Crop.

Here you go! Stop recording the action now and place the product on a new bright background if you want to see any edges or unwanted stuff is leftover in the image.