In this online selling world, product photos put a greater impact on the viewers and turn them into potential customers. The shoppers want to see the product from every possible angle like they do while purchasing a product from a land market. Before buying, checking the product from every angle is a human nature and you being an online seller, must provide this facility to the buyer.

While touching a product is not possible in an online shop but judging it from its looks is, of course possible. This is because product photography has a major importance when it comes to online selling. Nice product photography is one thing that keeps the viewers hooked to your e-commerce portal and they feel that your site is better than that of others.

With this article, I would like you to learn how to capture the best product photos. Take a look:

A Good High Resolution Camera

A Good High Resolution Camera

Go for a camera with high resolution as it is easy to capture the photos with perfect quality. Cheap cameras are not good in shooting the pictures because they add noise and blur in the images. A camera is one biggest factor in delivering the perfect end results so buy a professional camera for product photography.


Place some good lighting near the product that you are going to shoot for your e-commerce portal. While clicking the pictures, make sure that you place the lights from different angles to shoot different angles for the viewers to judge the product.


tripod for Capture the Best E-commerce Product Photos

To remove the chances of blurry images, use a tripod to place the camera on it. Neither the camera shakes nor your hands while clicking any picture. So the outcome will be great and not much editing will be required before uploading a product on the site.


To bring the best out of the photo, place reflectors near the product. Reflectors enhance the look of a product by making them look realistic and natural. Don’t have that much of funds to buy them? No issues go for an aluminium foil paper attached on a piece of cardboard. Please go ahead with DIY reflector.

Plain Background

Plain Background for product photography

A nice and clean background is all what makes a product look professionally good. I suggest using plain white or transparent background to let the product stand out. Clean and crisp background attracts the viewers as they can clearly see what a product is. Having the distracted background shifts the focus of the viewers on the background rather than the actual object.

Having such nice white background increases the chances of selling thus boosting your revenue. To make the picture more appealing, you can also use gradient background in black and white color but ensure the color of the original product is contrasting.
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