To remove background of an image, it is essential to use professional services. It is because, image background removal needs skills and expertise or else the whole image will look bad. Replacing the backgrounds or completely removing them is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to remove the backdrop, you need to keep patience and use Photoshop as it is loaded with a number of background removal tools. An attractive and professional image looks beautiful with transparent backdrop and to make your online business a huge success, do consider using background removal methods.

What is background removal?

Removing the background implies erasing the unwanted areas of the image. When an image has bad background, the whole image looks dull and boring. To lend a vibrant and bright appearance, the background is removed and replaced with a new white background. For an example, if you are using images for online selling portals, white backgrounds are must because they have a soothing effect. Also, the viewers feel more connected as the backdrop looks exciting.

Here are the tools used to remove backgrounds:

  • Background eraser tool
  • Channel masking
  • Pen tool
  • Clipping path

Categories of Image Background

For background removal and deep etching, Photoshop is brilliant software. To get the best quality results, clipping path and image masking methods work best. These are the categories of image background removal:

Basic shaped

To remove backgrounds of simple shaped images like round, straight, rectangular, and curved, pen tool is used with less than 6 anchor points. The examples are ring, book, spoon, mobile, ball etc.

Basic Clipping Path

Medium shaped

Multiple paths are used to remove backgrounds of medium shaped images. Products like bracelets, group rings, group shoes, group watch etc. are medium shaped objects.

Medium Clipping Path

Complex shaped

Complex clipping path is applied to the complex images like furniture, furry doll, group images, chain, group bracelets, net, and cycle etc.

Complex clipping path

How to remove background from image?

Depending on the complexity of the images, different methods of background removal are used. To make the images look enhanced, background removal has gained worldwide popularity.

Removing simple background

  • Open the image in Photoshop for which you want to remove background. Make sure the background is in single color
  • Go to Layers window and click on the layer. Right click on the layer and then layer from background. Since the background layer is locked and you cannot make changes, changing it to layer from background
  • Pick magic eraser tool from the tools palette and set the tolerance to 20-30. Check the anti alias and contiguous box and ensure the tolerance is low. Check mark the opacity and set it to 100%
  • Now click on the background and remove it
  • Once when you are done, zoom in the image and make minor adjustments
  • Now pick lasso tool and draw a rough outline around the image. Create new layer by clicking on new layer via cut after pressing Ctrl+Shift+J
  • Save the new image

Removing complex background

  • Open the image and take background eraser tool from the tools palette
  • Choose the brush option, set the hardness to 100%, make the limits contiguous, and tolerance value between 20 and 30. The limits rub the background only and keep the color of the image intact
  • Bring the mouse pointer to the area and start clicking
  • While clicking, you will see the background getting removed and a checkboard will appear symbolizing transparency
  • When you are done with background removal, pick the smudge tool to make the images smooth. Set the strength to 20% and drag the tool around the edges. Save the image in any desired format

Benefits of Background Removal Service

There are multiple benefits of background removal service among which ecommerce business is benefitting a lot. Let us explore the many benefits of this service for various niches:

Professional photography

To keep up with the professionalism and expertise in photography, background removal service holds a significant place. In the digital world, everything is about photography and the photographers have to go through various challenges to stay ahead of the competition. In order to get perfectly desirable results, background removal service is must. The images look premium and attractive when they have nice backgrounds.

Product photography business

Online businesses are trending giving much importance to product photography. If you want to capture the users’ attention, you have to design gorgeous photos so they feel good while exploring the site. Usually, the product photos have white or transparent backgrounds and to achieve such results, image background removal is done.


Ecommerce businesses are gaining much appreciation from across the globe due to the ease of shopping. Everyone shops online instead of going out in the brick and mortar stores. First, the online portals offer good discounts and there is no wastage of time. Now talking about the image background removal service, it gives a new shape and dimension to the pictures. The images are edited and the backgrounds are removed which give bad look and new backdrops are added to compliment the overall image. To sell more on the online portals, image background holds a special place because only the beautiful images can attract people. However, background removal service comes in handy to remove unwanted areas of the pictures and display the object at its absolute best.

Avail best background removal services

To apply proper background removal method, you need professional services from the experts. Clipping Path King is a photo editing company having a team of experts who are well versed with the techniques of background removal. They put in their complete efforts to deliver you the desired results and that too at affordable prices. Removing the backgrounds of the images is a challenging task because there are so many things to take care of. While removing the background, you get to erase the object as well by mistake. However, you need to avail the expert services to make sure everything goes right. Clipping Path King works with dedication so as to remove the backgrounds the way you want and send the images back with stunning results. Every image is individually checked for quality before delivering and made sure that you get what you pay for.

To get an idea of the quality you will get, Clipping Path King offers free trial service. Assess the skills by sending few images and check if their background removal services meet your requirements. The trial service is free of cost that helps you take a fair decision whether or not you want to avail their services. Once when you are completely satisfied with the results, you can place the order for as many images as you want. Plus, you can also get discounts on bulk orders and they make sure you get quality work.


No matter which company you choose for background removal service, just make sure to check the testimonials and previous clients that particular company has worked with. Do proper research on the internet to find out which companies have the best services and then contact few of them. Pick the one which suits you best.