Amazon is a great platform to list your products for sale but there are a few Product image sizes or requirements you need to fulfill before uploading the products. These are the Amazon image guidelines that are important to follow if you want to use Amazon as your selling partner. It is essential because hundreds of sellers are listing their products on Amazon. So it has laid down some requirements i.e. image resolution, background color, image size, consistency in the image in terms of dimensions, and much more.

These tips will help you create stunning product images which will surely bring you more business as the viewers like clean and crisp product photos to reach a final buying decision. Optimizing product photos is significant because they are the major source of sales and also they show up in search results. Would you like to show bad photos on the portal or search results?

Here are the guidelines you should follow to create incredible product images:

Tips for optimizing Amazon product image size:

  • Follow the Technical requirements For Amazon Image.
  • Use many images for a single product
  • Follow the standards of Amazon for High-quality images
  • Add offer Level of images
  • Use different angles of product photos
  • Pay attention to lighting and important information
  • Focus on the frame
  • Add video

1. Follow the Technical requirements For Amazon Image.

Every image has technical details like the Amazon product image size, background color, frame, color mode, file format, etc. All these details must be up-to-date and consistent so all the images look similar to the viewers. While setting up new product pages, you should adjust all these factors. If you fail in doing so, Amazon will not accept your images and so you will lose one of the best-selling platforms.

amazon picture size

amazon product image size:

If you want to sell on Amazon, the images must be at least 1000 pixels either in height or width. The recommended size is 2560 pixels.

Image frame:

Next, the image must fill 85% to 90% of the frame and the product images must have a white background, it’s important, no other color. Next, is the file format which should be JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and PNG that all the images must be in. Talking about the color modes, both RGB and CMYK are acceptable at Amazon.

File format:

Then, we have is file names of the images. There is a product identifier i.e. JAN, EAN, 13 digit ISBN or ASIN on Amazon. Next, is the file extension i.e. 123347565.png which must not have any spaces, dashes, or any other characters? Also, there should not be any logos, symbols, watermarks, or text on the images if you are uploading on Amazon.

2. Use many images for a single product

For products to display on Amazon, it is important to upload 6 to 7 images of a single product. It is because the viewers can see every side and aspect of the product they are going to buy. Using two or three images is fine but having more is always better. Use as many images as you can to show the front, back, upper, lower, sides, and interiors, etc. With more images, you can show them all the possible angles and they can get an idea of whether or not a particular product is suitable for them.

amazon picture size

Next, it is essential to set priority for the images while uploading on Amazon. Assign the priority i.e. the correct order in which the images are displayed. Assign number 1 to the complete product and then move on to the front, back, sides, and close-ups of the product.

3. Follow the standards of Amazon Guidelines for High-quality images

Very important! The images must be of high quality and high resolution. To get more clicks and do more sales, use real photos and don’t copy them from the web. Google will recognize that you are using existing photos and the result will be that you will get lesser leads. Make sure to use simple images without any distracting elements in the background. Keep the frame filled at least 85% and also the product photos should look sharp, well-lit, and realistic to grab the attention of the viewers.

amazon picture size

Compare the image above to this professionally shot and edited image:

increase amazong sale

Any type of offensive or adult images is strictly prohibited so you make sure that they don’t have any such element. It is recommended to hire a professional photographer to do product photography for your products. Since they have high-quality cameras, you will get great results. Also, the images are of very high quality and because you have to make the images look real, a professional photographer will do a lot more than expected. Simply follow Amazon’s picture size or guidelines and bring in more sales.

4. Add offer Level of images

Amazon has a section where you can sell used or refurbished products which the viewers can differentiate from other products. An offer level or listing picture is allowed to add on the pages to help people pick the products immediately without having to explore the entire page.

amazon product image size

5. Use different angles of product photos in amazon

This point is the major deal-breaker. Since all the products have different sides which the viewers need to see in order to decide whether or not a particular product will look good on them. Make sure to add a variety of product photos for each product to help the viewer take a better decision. Do you check out all the images while buying online? I do! Because the viewers cannot touch or feel the product, you should show them such images which become a deciding factor. If they can see the images from all the possible angles, they will decide immediately. On the other hand, if there is only one image of apparel, they will never know how the product looks from the back or sides or from inside.

Amazon Image Guidelines

Similarly, if you are listing jewelry items, it would be great if you make someone wear that particular jewelry piece so that the buyer can get an idea of how long or large, or wide the product is in reality.

If you are not sure of the angles to show, it is suggested that you go to a retail store or think yourself that if you are buying this product, then what would be the possible angles you would like to see. Ask your friends or family members about how they look at a product when they buy it online. To leave a great impact, create pictures with real people as the buyers will feel a sense of genuineness and realism while shopping at your portal.

6. Pay attention to lighting and important information

Lighting plays a major role because a little mistake in the light setup can change the entire appearance of the images. For example, if you are clicking the pictures in daylight then the colors will be different as compared to the images clicked at night time. Other than that, you can make the products cut out from the backgrounds by capturing natural shadows or reflections. If not, adding artificial shadows is always an option. To add more realism, consider using an extra light source that will highlight the products in important areas.

amazon photo size

7. Focus on the frame

The product images look amazing when 85% of the frame is filled with the product itself. Amazon doesn’t accept images in which products are too small and the rest is the background only. Make sure to click images in a way that the subject fills the entire frame so the viewers don’t get distracted in the background. Since the major focus here is to keep the viewers’ attention on the subject, it is super important to make the product take up most of the space in the image. The mantra is to present the product as big as possible at Amazon and in search results as well.

amazong image requirement

8. Add video

You can also add a video to show how the product is used or worn, whatever it may be. People get lured by the videos because they can clearly see what exactly the product is they are going to invest in. Hire a model to walk wearing your clothes or accessories and show every angle in the video as well as the pictures. Highlight important features to draw attention and make sure the video shows the uniqueness of the product.


To wrap up, we would ask you to follow these Amazon Product Image size or guidelines which will help you take your business ahead to a whole new level. Start optimizing now, good luck!