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Product Photography Hacks You Need to Know

How to Product Photography Professionally

All set to open an online store? Well, before getting started, here are some photography hacks you must get your heads around. You need to put stunning pictures to let people gaze at your products while exploring the site. Ideally, you can hire some photographer to do the shoot for you but that’s not mandatory!! You can do that magic yourself by knowing these simple camera tricks. Read below:

Right Light

Natural light is best when it’s about right light. Best results come when shooting is done in early afternoon. Go for soft shadows to make the picture look uniformly distributed. Soft shadows are when the object is larger than the shadow. Look for big windows and outdoors and then shoot pictures or you can also use a flash diffuser to distribute the light evenly.

Product photography lighting

White Backdrop

Often it is seen that looks best if it is shot against white background. White is perfect to focus on only the object and make the viewers feel connected while looking at your product range. A clean and pleasant view is offered and no horizon at all in the back. If you don’t have any white background, simply go for a white paper or fabric and place the products on it. Make sure to curve the paper of fabric whatever you choose. product photography with white Background


Various Angles

Try shooting the images from unusual angles. Go for product close-up or shoot at such an angle that makes the viewers feel as if they are reading a story. It’s recommended to play around with angles because you never know what angle can exude the most impressive side of the product and let the viewers buy it immediately. Try focusing on shape, size and quality of the product for complete customer satisfaction.

Product Photography

Keep it Motionless

Avoid moving the product or your camera while taking a picture. Even the slightest motion can ruin your whole photography and you have to do it all again. Blurry pictures are a big no-no to product photography so make sure you don’t take them. To get steady shots, consider buying a tripod and place your camera on that. To start with, you can buy an inexpensive tripod. If not, stand still against a hard surface while having camera in your hands and take a shot.

product photography

Look Real

Try to relate your products to real life people. Like if you have clothing merchandise, you can display it on a model to let people judge how it looks. For a watch shop, make someone wear it and then take a picture. It helps the viewers get an idea of the product looks and appearance. Relating the products to real life makes it easy for you to sell your products.

product photography

Show as much as you can

Well, don’t just stick on one product image only. Show as much as you can!! What people do is upload one image per product and that’s it. Avoid doing this and add 5-6 pictures including close-up, front view, back view, full view, one video if possible and the inner view of the product. Such images look more attractive and appealing and chances of returns are quite less as people buy only if they are satisfied with the product.

product photography


Avoid Deleting

What happens is when you click a picture, you don’t feel contented. So don’t rush into pressing delete button on your camera rather keep it and check it on a bigger screen. Sometimes on bigger screen, the picture looks flawless and is perfect to get moved on to photo-heaven.


A great option!! Filter the pictures to attract more people towards your looks. They add a stylish and dazzling look to not-so-appealing photography. But guys, this is for your own pictures showing a fun night out with friends. Don’t use filters for product photography. It may make people feel offended about the product quality as filters are supposed to hide the flaws, if any. So keep it clean and simple as much as you can!!

product photography

Editing ALERT

Clicking pictures is the first step!! But don’t get over-excited indeed. Editing and touch up is significant to prep up the images. By editing we mean, the images should be of same size, same background, same dimensions and whatever you feel can be done to the images to doll them up. For editing, being a designer or editor is not essential as there are various online tools to do this task handy for you. Simply upload the photos in a photo editing software and here you go with the edited pictures!!!

product photography

Guys, let’s practice these photography hacks and make your photos shine and dazzle among your competitors. Get ready and give a new look to those typical product images!!


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