Drop shadow with a Curve

Create Drop shadow with a Curve

Drop shadow is a visual effect in graphic designing. It is considered as one of the best effects in Photoshop consisting of a drawing element which looks like the shadow of an object, giving the impression that the object is raised above the objects behind it. The drop shadow is often used for elements of a graphical user interface such as windows or menus, and for simple text. This effect effectively distinguishes the text from any colored background it may be in front of. In general, a drop shadow is a copy in black or grey of the object, drawn in a slightly different position.

Drop shadow has been used for product shots, people and also to create a new dimension for existing pictures. It is all about angles from the left, right, center or top angle.

The new invention in the drop shadow is to make a curve which uplifts the image and makes it look real. It is yet considered as another way to bring an enchanting and delightful aspect of the image. It is becoming so popular that it is often used for web pages and in print campaigns. Photoshop CSS makes the drawing of a curve possible which is quite alluring and overpowers the real imaginary. The credit to make the rectangle shape neater goes to the side shadow.

Some rules for effectively using drop shadow with a curve:-

  1. The size of the background for which the drop shadow will be made must be same. With respect to width and height, width is important for web page and side shadow is used in case of using height.
  2. The shape created as vector path, must match with html page. It is obligatory for the editor to keep the space open at the sides.
  3. Drop shadow helps in creating filter effect which must be adjustable to match the page.
  4. New layer must be created to give the attracting effect.
  5. Control points helps in adjusting the curve of the drop shadow whose width is selected with the marquee tool by turning the shape off. Copy the layer, edit it, transform and then wrap.
  6. Export the drop shadow with transparency for which alpha mask is used. It also provides flexibility on backdrop of any web page regardless of the color tones.
  7. The shadow can now be effectively applied.
  8. Just remind this, there are some images for which clipping path is used. Clipping path suits well if the image is of a person and the frame needs to have a curved drop shadow. Same steps are used in this also.

At the end I can assure you that the end results of this creative drop shadow method are surely breathtaking.


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