Optimization of website is very important. Website needs to be balanced for better optimization. Impression of the website on viewer also depends upon its browsing experience. An image is the static content which requires more attention of the editor, judged on its speed of uploading. If the images are taking long time in loading then there is an instant need for optimization. While optimising it must be ensured that the download size and file format is ideal for the website or not and even cropping out spaces around the graphics may sometimes proves helpful.

Important motivators Image Optimization are:

Bandwidth of the internet

Images are the content having the capacity to make or break your website value. If the downloading speed of the images is slow then it also slows down the speed of website, which will make your efforts go in vain. So it’s better to have image files with less weight and the buzzword here is 72 dpi.

Storage and space

Less digital space is frustrating so for better optimization, storage of data with proper space is very important. In e-commerce website there are hundreds of images which need proper storage so it’s better to have limited image size if there is 24mb storage on server.

Inexpensive prices

Better optimization requires cost effective images in many ways. It is also essential to have small size formats as the need of the website grows with time.

Most essential-browsing experience

Browsing experience plays an important role in deciding superiority of website. To make the web experience smoother and profitable, it is better to optimize images. There are some practical solutions for it like file format for lightweight pictures which permits images to load faster for a particular page or for website.


Referred as bitmap, it is made of pixels in square which can save graphs, charts, buttons text etc.


A Perfect match for online photo art gallery! It is the best file format for images with vibrant colors, hi-defensive graphics, effects and gradients.


Offers slightly better grade then GIF! Buttons or style icons can be made in these sizes. They also take up less space in storage.

So this is all about optimizing the images for a website to offer better view