Jewellery Photo Retouching Guide
Jewellery Photo Retouching Guide

Jewelery Photo Retouching Guide – Chapter 1

Whether it is man or woman, everyone loves wearing jewelry items. Jewelry is the precious thing as it contains expensive diamonds, gold, and silver metals. Buying of jewelry itself is a challenging task as there are lots of nits and grits to be considered. While there are lot of factors included, people are very careful about buying jewelry.

In this digital era, it becomes even more challenging to grab the viewers’ attention. Because people still rely on purchasing jewelry from the brick and mortar stores due to authenticity issues. It might happen that a jewelry piece looks good online but when you get it. you don’t like it. This is quite a common issue because of the lighting, lens, and other environmental conditions.

However, selling jewelry online on the eCommerce sites need you to be very careful while clicking the pictures.It is important to capture every single detail of the item so that the viewers feel as if they are holding the product in hand.

There are few tips and tricks to consider while shooting the jewelry items helping you to-get the desired results. Because the jewelry exudes elegance and sophistication, the luster should remain intact. This is where you have to apply the photography skills to the maximum. To grab the attention, it is essential to capture the glamorous surface of the pearls, beads, silver or golden studs, and everything else in the jewelry piece.

While it is very hard to capture each and every single detail in the shot, the photo editors do this for you by manipulating the image. Photo retouching methods are applied to enhance the overall beauty and appearance of the images which draw the attention of the clients and convince them to buy the products instantly. Let us read about the importance of jewelry photo retouching:

Importance of Jewelry Retouching

To make the eCommerce products stand out from the rest, it is essential to retouch them. With the right use of retouching tools, you will be able to give an enchanting look to the items. To woo the customers, you have to present the jewelry items in a beautiful manner which wins the hearts of the visitors. While people like to see perfect jewelry photos to make a fair decision, you should display the gems, stones, and pearls etc. in a gorgeous way.To sell the jewelry items, display matters a lot and because it is really expensive, people would never spend if the photos are not up to the mark.

Whenever someone wants to buy jewelry piece for any purpose, they want to see the product as much close as they can. Also, they visualize the product so it is your duty to present the product in a way they like to see. The customers get attracted towards colorful, dazzling, bright, and vibrant jewelry images. So photo retouching in this genre is totally undeniable.

Tools and Props required for Jewelry Photography

Because everyone needs quality photographs, there are few tools and props which can give an amazing look to the pictures. Never compromise on the looks and quality of the pictures before you upload them on the website. While it is very important to attract the customers in 5-6 seconds. In order to convince them further to buy the products at your website. If you fail to attract them in these seconds, you will lose them. To make the images look outstanding in every sense, here are the gears which are must haves:

The Best Cameras for Jewelry Photography

A good quality camera is very important to shoot high quality pictures. However, when you buy a camera, make sure it is of premium quality with all the basic and advanced features. Plus, the skills and experience both matter along with the camera if you want to click best pictures.

Nikon D3400 Nikon D3400[/caption]

Canon EOS Rebel T5
Canon EOS Rebel T5
Sony SLT-A58K
Sony SLT-A58K

Lens for Jewellery Photography

Image quality holds a significant place when it comes to jewellery product photography. The lens of the camera helps in taking appealing shots which grab the customers’ attention.

Lens for Jewelry Photography


Tripod helps in taking perfect shots as the camera is placed on the stand while clicking the pictures. Without a tripod, the pictures might look blurry or shaky as the hands shake while photographing. Also, you can rotate the camera in various directions on a tripod which further helps to focus on the object properly.


Jewellery stand

A jewellery stand allows you to put the jewellery pieces so that they can be adjusted appropriately. Also, with the help of jewellery stand, you can display the products in a better manner. People would be more convinced. when  with Some model the jewelry items are worn so that they can know how the product will look on them.

Follow these guidelines for jewellery photo retouching and stay tuned for chapter 2 for more updates.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Guide – Chapter 2

Jewellery Photo Retouching Guide 

There is a massive demand of digital cameras over the past few years . photographers weigh on DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras for jewelry photography. Many modern-day cameras can do the job, but what makes Nikon D3400 stand out for jewelry photography is its flexible shutter speed and aperture settings …

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