There is a massive demand of digital cameras over the past few years. The photographer weigh on DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras for jewelry photography. Many modern-day cameras can do the job. But what makes Nikon D3400 stand out for jewelry photography is its flexible shutter speed. The aperture settings to click high-resolution pictures. The complete details of the jewelry can  clicked from 1-2 feet away without any haziness. Canon EOS Rebel T5 is well-known for its 18 to 55 mm standard zoom capability, manual controls, exchangeable lenses and durable battery, and Sony SLT-A58K for its 20.1 MP sensor for close-up shots, translucent mirror technology, long-lasting battery, and top-notch quality.

Common Mistakes and Resolutions:

When it comes to jewelry photography, the clients expect the photographers to showcase. Even the smallest detail of the jewelry in order to gain the attention of the customers. However, careless preparation and lazy approach are common mistakes that photographers commit while getting ready to photograph the jewelry piece. The photographers forget that the stickers, tags, and strings in the jewels need to be removed from the product. In addition to that, excessive cropping and setting colorful backgrounds can also affect the overall quality of the photograph. Some other factors that affect the quality of jewelry. Photographs are the lack of consistency in working as per the client’s requirement, unnecessary use of props like a mannequin, reflections caused by the camera lens, shaky image outputs, harsh lights, and poor image editing.

Camera lens Reflection

The reflections produced by the camera lens and the appearance of stones and metals is one important aspect that diverts customers lose focus on the products. It can be a difficult job to click the jewelry photo without capturing any reflections. But it is very important to clear them before delivering the final product. Shaky image outputs are caused because of hand holding the camera instead of using a tripod. Inaccuracy, inappropriate shadows, and other distortions persist in the photographs when photographers use harsh light. Soft and natural light or artificial studio lighting helps to overcome this weakness.

A misconception prevails among the photographers that bright and complicated background are preferred by the clients in jewelry photos. It does not, but instead, it confuses the clients. The finest colors to use are only white and gray. E-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay and Rakuten recommend white or neutral background every time.

In order to get the attention of the customers, the photographers must remove stain and dust from the photos and touch up during post-production. Image editing and post-processing work are very important in the removal of flaws from the jewelry photos. Lack of skill and experience of image editors can result in shoddy images. The defects can continue to remain in the photograph.

Professional Jewelry Photo Retouching:

The shape of jewelry products can be classified into many types: basic, simple, complex, compound and super complex. Graphic designers with abundant experience use the pen tool, pen tablet (Wacom) and at times the combination of both to complete image background removal, the main procedure in jewelry photo retouching. Lasso tool, magic wand tool, magic eraser tool, background eraser tool, and quick selection tool are also used depending on the shape of the jewelry.

The jewelry product photos do not give a charming look in their raw form. Photo editors use tools and software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom. The Pen tool for photo shadow creation, photo cleaning and color correction to make the jewelry products look more appealing and elegant. Reflection shadow, drop shadow, natural shadow and occasionally retaining the original shadow can enhance the form of different types of jewelry products.

Top-notch image retouching is essential to attract the customers that buy jewelry products online. Photo editors use advanced photo touch-up tools to adjust the color, size, shape, and texture in order to increase professional touch and details to the jewelry images to give a fabulous look.


Recommendations for Jewelry Photo Retouching:


Jewelry photo retouching is necessary for both personal and commercial reasons and it is absolutely a difficult task that can consume a lot of time. High-end jewelry retouching and tools like Adobe Photoshop are require to retouch the photos of jewelry such as earring, necklace, bracelet and bangles that did not meet the expected quality standards.

Color Balance:

Color balance of the camera is the responsibility of the photographer. In case of failure to adjust the color when clicking the picture. It is important to do it during post-production stages using photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Color Balance

Brightness and Contrast:

Adobe Photoshop specializes in adding a lot of effects on the image by adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image to enhance the beauty of the picture.

Brightness and Contrast


Unsharp Mask:

Unsharp Mask is a feature in Adobe Photoshop that helps to soften the edges of the jewelry that are sharp due to the presence of gold and make it look more eye-catching. The amount, Radius and Threshold are three slides that appear at the time of activating this tool which helps in the process

Unsharp Mask

The adjustment layer helps to squeeze the overall image exposure without any hassle.


Utilize the pen tool:

Pen tool is a very beneficial feature of Adobe Photoshop that can be best used for jewelry photo retouching specifically for e-commerce sites. The tool comes in high utility as the background is removed or edited with it. Clipping path is the most common method among numerous methods of background removal, that helps to retain the object in the same shape and remove the background.

Latest Image Retouching Software:

Adobe Photoshop:

This is the most familiar and on-demand image modifying software used to improve the beauty of digital pictures by making changes into it. The software has an extensive range of tools including pen tool for creating a path which uses anchor points; shape tool for creating a rectangle, circle, and line; clone tool for creating a duplicate of the part of an image. Further tools comprise of crop tool, slice tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool, marquee tool, etc.

Adobe Lightroom: 

This is a very important software for professional photographers. It helps to import, organize, post-process, print, and find images. Lightroom is a non-destructive photo editor unlike Adobe Photoshop, and it permits to tweak or set any adjustment retaining the original files unbroken. The software has no “save” button and the edits are kept in Lightroom catalog automatically which acts as a database of edits and history. The user can work with multiple images as it can focus on speed. If you intend to create a photo album. It will facilitate your work.

Pen Tablet (Wacom):

Pen tablet or graphics tablet is a device connected to the computer used by graphic designers and visual artists. The device helps to draw and sketch images digitally with the help of the pen or stylus. The user can draw images on the pen tablet using the stylus like the conventional artists. The computer converts the drawings in digital form and shows on the computer screen. It is also convenient for editing pictures that have rough or soft edges like certain jewelry, hair, fur, blanket, smoke, etc.

About Clipping Path King:

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