Create Transparent Background Using Photoshop

How to Create Transparent Background Using Photoshop

Creating a transparent background is not only the wondrous way to enhance the looks of the displayed products but also an interesting thought of presenting the showy display option of the featured products. It clearly makes the featured products presentable in looks by giving the background that has the potential to change the colors effectively. Rest based on the user’s screen size it interacts differently than the background the product normally has. It also makes the user able to place the website’s logo files anywhere on the site without concentrating on the color of the page background.

Just five simple steps ahead and Make a transparent background with the help of Photoshop will become effortless for you. So have a quick reading on the below-given steps mentioned below

Steps to Create Transparent Background in Photoshop for the Product Image

1. Create a layered file of the image

The first step starts by opening the image into Photoshop in JPG format.

Transparent Background in Photoshop

Now use the layer panel resting by default in the right of the image window. If you are not able to find the layers panels then it can be easily accessed by the clicking on the options window and then go to the layers option from the menu displayed on the top of the application window.

How to create a transparent background

Now use the background layer option by double-clicking on it and a new layer will be in front of you. You can rename the new layer or can leave it as it is and then press ok. After going through the step unlocking the background layer is possible and you get the transparent background look when you delete anything from it.

unlocked your background layer

2. Create selection

Now the turn is to select the object but not with the background. Selection of the object is possible by using the magic wand tool available on left side of the application window in the toolbar. When the option has opted it will look as the marching ants that basically encircle the object.

These marching ants will show the selection of the object and the user can easily add more products or remove the background if he finds the selection not as so perfect. For this purpose subtract from selection icon is there in the options bar.

Transparent Background

3. Delete Background

Now you just have to delete the background by simply choosing the option select and then inverse from the menu located at the top of the application window. The inverse can also be selected by typing the Shift+Ctrl+I .

Delete the background

Now type Backspace with the selected inverse. This will make the background transparent that is pictured in the white and grey check pattern. Use Ctrl+D if you want to deselect the selection.

Delete the background

4. Save the image in a proper format

Saving the image in the correct format is vital for displaying it with a transparent background on the e-commerce website. The recommended format for saving the images is Png-24 never letting the pixelated halo while placing the images on the different color background that is possible in the other formats like the png-8 and gif. You can save the file using png-24 by using the shift+Alt+Ctrl+W or you can go for the options like file then export and then export as using the same dropdown menu available at the application window.

 Make your background transparent

Then set the format to png by using the file settings option in the right-hand side of the box and don’t forget to check the transparency box once. Try to keep the file size around 200 kb or maybe smaller to have a quick load of the pages. So adjust the dimensions accordingly. For a better response from the customers make sure to keep the image size 50 or 100 percent larger than the size than the expected one. In short, manage your images in a way that minimize the load time by surely minimizing the file size of the images.

 Make image background transparent

5. Save your file

After proper balancing of the images and setting correct dimensions you have to go for the option export all and then use the option save from the dialog box and put the image saved in some optimized image folder that is bit separate from the other ones and now name the image file by using the extension .png and then press save.


How to Make a Transparent background for a logo in Photoshop

Creating a transparent background for logo increases the flexibility of the logo. This enables the user to display it anywhere on the site irrespective of the color of the background.

Steps to create a Transparent Background logo using Photoshop

  1. Open logo in Photoshop
  2. Make the image background transparent
  3. Save your image as a PNG file

Step 1: Open logo in Photoshop

The first step begins with opening the logo in the Photoshop by using the option file and then by using the navigation option and then click open. The format of the file must be suitable for the Photoshop or else you have to correct it by using proper settings from the dialog box. Then click ok.

Open your logo file in Photoshop

Step 2: Make The Image Background Transparent

This step is basically for the ones who are working with the JPG format. It is necessary in this case to select and delete the background from the image. Steps will be like double click the background layers and then press ok for the conversion of the background to layer 0. Selection of the logo file is bit different so for the selection purpose choose the Magic Wand tool and then click on the white background of the logo file and for the selection of the multiple areas just hold the shift key and then use the Magic Wand tool to add the selection. Make The Image Background Transparent

After that Press Backspace after selecting the entire background. That’s it your transparent background with the grey and white check pattern will be achieved after this step.

transparent background


Step 3: Save the image as a PNG file

Saving of the image in the proper file format is basically the next step. Saving of the image will be done in the same way as mentioned above. You will notice that the smaller file size comparative to the transparent product image but you need not change the dimensions of the original file and save the logo file as it is.
That’s all now you got the entire knowledge of creating the web-ready images for the e-commerce websites with the transparent background that are capable enough to make your website presentable enough for the visitors without slowing down the site.


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