Photoshop and GIMP

Comparison between Adobe Photoshop and GIMP

Adobe Photoshop and GIMP

Image editing is the most crucial stage in the journey of the flawless and extraordinary images and when we talk of the image editing the two most frequently used software come up in our mind these are Photoshop and GIMP.

Undoubtedly both the software is equipped with numerous features, tools and effects and both works well when the editing is performed on the images. But still, if the software has some pros then there are some cons or shortcoming that has created the necessity to make a comparison between the two.

If one is worthy software in features then other has its own advantages too. Some like Adobe Photoshop and some prefer GIMP. So let’s discuss their similarities and dissimilarities to reach a proper conclusion. This will help the users to install the right one as per their requirements.

GIMP Review

GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program that is free and open-source photo editing software available in the market. This is the software equipped with almost all the operating systems like windows, OS, GNU/Linux, X, etc.  The software is self-sufficient for satisfying the need of various graphic designers, illustrators, scientists, photographers and all others who perform editing function. It is the most compatible software available free of cost in which many renowned tools and third party Plugins are stored for the complete access of the users.


Moreover, you can easily change its source code and can do whatever you want to do right from photo retouching, cropping, creative photo manipulation, color correction, resizing, restoring and many more related tasks. Basically, it makes the designers and photographers able to transform their simple captures into some uniquely identified creations. You are able to create user interface components, mock-ups, icons, graphic design elements and more.

Adobe Photoshop Review

Another photo editing software about which we are going to discuss is the adobe Photoshop. This is the name that is in the mind of every editor and photographer who is in the field of image editing. This is the software developed by the adobe systems and with the upcoming of the extended version, this software has created the name in the editing field.

Adobe Photoshop

It is the software featured with all the tools such as background removal, photo retouching, old and damaged photo restoration, clipping path, ghost manipulation effect and many more. It also allows you the modified files that are able to be stored in any formats as required. PSD files contain color areas, selection text, interstate commerce commission, clipping path settings, layers masks, and many more.

Differences between GIMP and Adobe Photoshop

There are many business houses that require photo editing services for their products to be sold on a large scale and all the graphic designers are responsible for beautifying the images. For this reason, they are not confined to single software for their needs. By considering the simplicity, reviews, and tools of the photo editing software they basically distribute the needs.

Usage of GIMP

GIMP is software suitable for the Linux user as it can be used with the USB stick or with the lightweight devices too. This is the user-friendly open-source software that is basically available free of cost. So if your system is less than 16 bits then you must go for GIMP.

It must also be used when you are on a budget and especially when if you are a learner and can’t afford paid packages of the adobe Photoshop. The biggest advantage for the learner in case of GIMP is that it is available free of cost and a learner has not to pay any cost for it so he can practice his skills without any burdened cost.

It is the most powerful tool than many other photo editing apps and there is a lot to do with the help of this software. This is the software that offers you the various tools and effects that lets you to perform real editing work that the apps like apple photos or Instagram app cannot provide.

Usage of Photoshop

Photoshop is the photo editing software that is used by the professionals for various purposes as it offers many tools and options that can make their editing work really appealing. So basically if you are a professional then you must go for the photo-shop otherwise use GIMP.

Secondly, you must have the proper formats to handle the PSD files or adobe proprietary formats then only you can choose the photo-shop as your image editing software.

Thirdly you must have enough budgets to be spent on this paid and costly software otherwise you cannot go for it. Remember its cost is much more than the other photo editing software and comes with different packages with different prices for the month. You can choose an annual package to save money.

Lastly, if you are a designer then you must surely go for the photo-shop and not for the GIMP. Rest depend on your requirements like if you want CMYK support then you must choose photo-shop and if you want other options that may be available in the GIMP then you can also choose that.

Good and bad points GIMP and Adobe Photoshop

Good ones of GIMP

GIMP has almost all the same tool: You can easily learn the use of the tools of the GIMP if you are aware of the usage of the photo-shop tools.

Free & open-source, similar interface: It is free and open-source software and its interface is almost similar to the ps.

Super lightweight in Linux: It is very lightweight and can easily be used by the Linux users.

Good ones of Photoshop

Adobe suite compatibility: It is a part of the adobe suite and it comes with its creative cloud from where other powerful tools like lightroom, in design, the illustrator can also be used and Photoshop can read and edit the files from these tools.

Online support and vast community: This software has its own developer team that provides the user the full support with regard to any query related to the image editing.

Tons of plug-ins, tools, and filters: It is the software that provides you a number of the tools, Plugins, and filters that provides a smoother experience to the user.

Bad ones of GIMP

Tools not as polished as Photoshop: It is not as polished as photo-shop where it provides only one healing brush the photo-shop provides many multiple brushes to perform Photo retouching.

Less support and popularity:  GIMP is community-based software so it provides less support and popularity as compared to the photo-shop.

Windows version takes a while to load: It only works well on the Linux but not on the windows os. When it is used with windows os it takes much loading time.

Bad ones of Photoshop

Photoshop elements & extended files costly: The first dislike of Photoshop is the high cost that makes it the choice of limited professional users. Learners cannot afford its high cost and that’s why they have to go for the pirated copies.

An estimated half of users have pirated copies: Plugins don’t carry with them upgrades and this is the reason the users have to experience outdated services.

Constant license validations: License validation is money and time-consuming fact attached with the Photoshop.


If you are able to know your choice and requirements then you can easily choose between the two. But if not then it is clear that if you are a professional and want to use some extra add ones and the special effects then you must choose the photo-shop for that but if you have the Linux system installed and did not want to spent too much then surely GIMP is the software for you. So choose patiently your choice so that you can perform your editing work Superiorly.


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