Adding mirror reflection to the photos hold a significant place because reflection lends depth to the pictures. When a picture wants to upload on an online portal, it becomes important to make the images look perfect in every sense so as to grab the users’ attention. Plus, if you own a jewelry store, adding a reflection or mirror effect is a must. Just like the glass reflects and puts a shadow on the surface when placed against a flat surface, the mirror reflection like that only. Although not all the images get natural reflection or shadow, Photoshop helps in doing that as it various tools and techniques to achieve the desired effects.

Mirror reflection for online business

For an online business to get successful, mirror reflection lends great importance. Even in the printing industry, mirroring an image has much significance. The images look bad and irregular and to make them look perfect in every sense, mirroring comes into use. The picture quality can enhance well with shadow creation, mirror reflection, and mirror effect.

These effects also correct the images if there are any imperfections because, in the post-processing phase, all the other imperfections are dealt with along with adding mirror effect. Let us suppose, you own a footwear store and want to showcase the products on a reflective surface, and then the mirror effect or mirror reflection photoshop comes in handy. The shadows demonstrate the pictures and set them apart from other images which look dull and boring.

The benefit of Reflection Shadow or Mirror Effect

Talking about the benefit of reflection shadow, it makes the image look natural, realistic, and deep. While the pictures look alluring, the viewers feel connected to the picture and get a feeling as if the picture has been captured with natural reflection. When the image looks natural, your website appears genuine who has put effort into making a picture look perfect. Since there are so many portals that are simply copying the images from other sites, adding reflection shadow can make you stand out. To avail the best mirror and reflection shadows, get help from a photo editing company that will take care of all your photo editing needs.

There are variations of Photoshop shadow services like a natural shadow, reflection shadow, and drop shadow. Here are the steps to add shadow to the image in Photoshop, check out:

Tutorials: How to make Mirror Effect in Photoshop

Shadow creation makes the images look attractive and appealing to the eyes as the object pops out from the background.

  • Open the image in Photoshop and pick the pen tool from the tools palette. The pen tool is used to draw a path around the object and cut it out from the background. Here we will add shadow using this tool to select the area for which you want to apply shadow. Other tools like a magic wand, quick selection, background eraser, magnetic lasso tools are use to select the area

clipping path

  • Once when the selection is made, you need to add feathering to get smooth edges. Add 0.05 or 0.5 feather value

add feather for shadow creatiion

  • Now make a duplicate copy of the selected image by pressing Ctrl+J to keep the original image intact. Fill white color in the background and take a new white layer. Now merge both the layers

fill the background white

  • Duplicate the product image layer and transform it by pressing Ctrl+T. Then flip vertical it using the right click of the mouse. When the image flips, adjust it on the bottom of the original product image layer.

fill the background white

Mirror an image in Photoshop

  • Next, you need to create a layer mask on this layer
  • Now go to the gradient tool and pick the gradient top-fill color from the sub-menu. It will adjust the shadow color

  • Apply the gradient mask by turning bottom to top so that the layer looks like a reflection
  • Navigate to Image filter>Blur>Gaussian blur to smooth the entire image

Mirror Reflection Photoshop

That’s it. Follow the tutorial step by step and apply shadow or reflection to the image. If you are planning on creating your own website, don’t forget to add shadow or reflection or mirror effect to make the products pop out from their respective backgrounds. This way, you can stay ahead of your competitors, and to help you, Clipping Path King puts complete effort.