Well, skin color is something that needs to be perfect when it comes to photography. The principal photography begins when the object is crisp and clear. And when it’s about human photography or baby photography, skin color plays a major role. To enhance or change the skin color in Photoshop, you need to have a good understanding of the topic. For that, you can use the auto blend function and then select the naturally highlighted areas of the face like nose, cheeks, etc.

How do you change skin tone or color in Photoshop?

The main purpose of selecting these areas is that blending looks natural and not artificial. Also, because the skin tones sometimes do not match perfectly, selecting highlighted areas makes it possible. Here is a quick tutorial on changing the skin color for face swap in Photoshop.

  • See the difference in color, brightness, the contrast of the two pictures you want to swap faces. Once you spot the difference, it’s time to adjust the tones using saturation, hue, brightness, and layer mask.
  • Or else you can use a selective color mask to protect those areas which do not require any sort of color adjustment.
  • The last method you can use to change skin color is using Curves along with layer masks to secure the areas which do not require color adjustment.

Now, you must be wondering what is layer mask in Photoshop, let me explain here.

What Is the Layer Mask in Adobe Photoshop?

The layer mask is used in Photoshop to select parts of an image. It hides the portions of the image which you don’t want to reveal. So when it comes to face swap, a layer mask is quite helpful. Perhaps, it makes you keep the parts of the face you want intact and replace other parts of the face with a different face. When you use the auto blend feature, Photoshop automatically creates the layer mask.

Bringing to your knowledge, the layer mask uses black and white to help identify the areas of exposure. That means, the black areas are hidden and the white areas are exposed. Next, to apply white or black to the picture to get more controlled accuracy, a paintbrush tool can be used. Furthermore, to remove an element from an image, a layer mask is helpful for other uses as well.

How to use Face Swap Method in Product Photos

Face swap is pretty beneficial for product photography in the eCommerce sector. Here’s how:

  • When we are talking about jewelry photography, swapping is used for gems, stones, and pendants, etc.
  • To change the T-shirt designs or shirt designs, this method is helpful.

change the tshirt designs

  • Working with different models is cumbersome as there are hundreds of products to shoot and you don’t want to show the same boring face.
  • Glass, mugs, kettles, or any other kitchen utensil can have different graphics with swapping.

Change product labels use Face Swap

Coming to drink bottles, sippers, food boxes, tiffins, etc. will have different labels with swapping techniques.